Joints - Large 400g Multipack (6)

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    • unique quadruple action Veterinary Formula developed over 25 years
    • proven in clinical veterinary practice
    • 100% natural, human food grade ingredients
    • NO fillers, preservatives, synthetic ingredients or chemical additives of any kind
    • NO ‘loading’ dose required
    • fast acting with visible benefits typically seen within weeks, sometimes days

    Age related degenerative joint changes typically begin in many dogs from 6 years of age onwards (often earlier in medium and large breeds).

    These include:

    • loss of elasticity of the articular cartilage (which over time can become brittle and develop fissures / splits)
    • thinning of lubricating joint fluid (which becomes more like water than engine oil)
    • stiffening of supporting ligaments
    • weakening of surrounding muscles and bones 

    Although in the early stages these deteriorations in joint structures can’t be seen, they will inevitably impact mobility, activity and quality of life over time.

    Fortunately, early supplementation with Joints helps the body to maintain mobile and flexible joints, far better than it would be able to without.

    And this is highly beneficial for any dog approaching middle age.


    Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) damage / rupture is common in dogs, especially in medium and large breeds.

    This typically causes the affected knee to become:

    • unstable
    • inflamed and
    • painful

    Surgery is frequently undertaken to restore limb function and prevent further injury to the joint, which over time can adversely affect mobility.

    To ensure a rapid return to full limb function, and minimise the onset of stiffness later on in life, it is important to provide the best possible natural support during and after convalescence. 

    This can be done as follows:


    Give 2-3 drops 3 times daily following surgery, and continue until normal activity is resumed, which is typically 6-12 weeks (may be longer for some dogs).


    • aids self-repair
    • soothes soreness
    • relieves discomfort
    • supports a rapid return to full health


    Add to diet daily to:

    • provide the building blocks the body needs to build healthy muscles, tendons, ligaments, bone, joints and joint lubricating 'oil'  
    • support strength in the opposite knee, which ruptures in more than 50% of dogs within a few months or years of the first ACL injury  

    Long Term Impact

    Stiffness inevitably develops at some stage following cruciate ligament damage.

    Although supplementation with Joints along with physiotherapy / hydrotherapy / canine massage can delay this for many years, additional help is often necessary as dogs age. This can be provided by giving Vince the Vet Joint Support remedy too, which naturally eases discomfort in joints and further aids ease of movement.

    For the best results, give 2-3 drops three times daily. 

    This can be continued along with Joints indefinitely. 


    202 teaspoons50
    303 teaspoons33
    404 teaspoons25


Joints - Large 400g Multipack (6)

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Vince the Vet Veterinary Formula Joints provides a rich supply of the nutritional building blocks the body needs to form the healthiest possible joint structures, and is highly effective at:

  • relieving stiffness
  • maximising mobility
  • supporting optimum joint health

This is important for dogs large and small, and of all ages, to have an active and enjoyable life - and especially so for large breeds and those pets who are 6-7 years and older.


Unlike many supplements, Joints provides a rich supply of nutrients which help the body form all joint structures, including: 

  • cartilage
  • muscles
  • tendons
  • ligaments
  • bones
  • synovial fluid (joint lubricating ‘oil’)


  • stiffness
  • difficulty with mobility
  • convalescence after orthopaedic surgery
  • a return to full health following recovery from musculoskeletal injuries
  • young, rapidly growing bones in puppies
  • ease of movement, especially in pets who are 6-7 years and older


  • active pets (agility, flyball, canicross etc)
  • working dogs
  • medium, large and giant breeds

Joints - Large 400g Multipack (6)

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Previous Questions

Marie Rickwood
Q: Is this product safe to use in a dog with CKD (currently numbers low and good) he also has proteinuria so on Benazacare

Hi Marie, yes it is, as part of a renal support regime.

As always when CKD is present, regular blood monitoring of SDMA, BUN, Creatinine, calcium and phosphorus levels is important, so that diet (including supplementation) can be adjusted if and when necessary to maintain the highest quality of life.

Additional information:

  1. Q&A On Kidney Disease
  2. Kidney Support Diet - Raw
  3. Kidney Support Diet - Home-cooked
Q: Hi there I am trying to decide which products to get and whether it’s possible to give more than one of your supplements at a time for various issues? I have two 7 year old Ragdoll cats. My boy sadly has IBD. We have also been exposed to mold and I think he is affected as am I. We are not on raw yet but I am trying. He is on some homeopathic medicines which have helped. There is still some sickness and occasional diarrhoea. My holistic vet says he doesn’t need any extra vitamins but I am sure home cooking destroys a lot of the vitamins and he recently tested low for folate. He has done well with liquid homeopathic drops but powders must be introduced incredibly slowly. He has also shown some urinary issues but only in testing not in observing him in the litter box. One of your customers said vitality helped her IBD cat. Would really appreciate your thoughts on whether this would be my best option. Other cat (female) may have arthritis- she is struggling to get a poo out in one go. She uses 3 litter trays and sometimes there is just paw prints. Both normal vet and holistic vet say it is not a constipation or digestion issue. Was going to try the joints supplement for her? She has just started on moxxor, so not sure if she could have both products together? My apologies for long message, we really are all in a pickle and would appreciate any help you can give.

Hi Sue, 

All our products are designed to complement each other, so that they can be combined in whatever way is best for a particular pet, to support optimum health and quality of life. And if any advice is ever needed on what to choose and how to do this, we are always more than happy to help.

The most important thing when supplementing the diet of a pet with health issues of any kind, is to only introduce one at a time, and to start with just a 1/4 teaspoon or so initially. Then, if all is going well, the amount can slowly be increased over the following weeks until the suggested daily level is being given (divided between meals). 

This is gentle on the digestive system and also avoids a pet being put off their food because it smells or tastes unusual. It's also the best way to confirm that a supplement suits a dog or cat, and is healthy and nutritious to give long-term. 

With regards to Vitality, most dogs and cats need multivitamin, mineral and trace element supplementation these days because the food chain is not as rich in these as it used to be. In addition to this, the level of nutrients the body needs to stay healthy in the face of modern day stress and pollution is much higher. Adding Vitality to the diet helps to bridge this gap, by making sure that essential micronutrients which need to be present in the diet each day (because the body can't store or manufacture these for itself) are supplied. This is even more important when there is evidence that the digestive tract is not assimilating nutrients from food effectively - which is often the case when blood folate and B12 levels are low. 

IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) as you know, is a descriptive term rather than a specific diagnosis, which means that various parts of the digestive tract are inflamed for some reason. This can be due to dietary sensitivities, parasitic infections, autoimmune diseases and a range of other conditions. It is best to work with your vet to address these and other possible underlying causes for the best possible results. 

Such an approach typically includes the following:

  1. Identifying and avoiding dietary allergens.
  2. Supporting the gut microbiome with prebiotics (Digestion) and probiotics that have proven to be effective.
  3. Ruling out worm infections as a contributory factor - which can be done with this kit.
  4. Providing a rich supply of essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements in an easy to digest and assimilate form, such as Vitality.

Additional information:

  1. IBD / GI Support Diet - Raw
  2. IBD / GI Support Diet Home-cooked
  3. When your pet's food is the enemy - what do you do?
  4. Probiotics and Prebiotics - What's the difference?

Joints is the supplement of choice for maximising flexibility and mobility.

When stiffness is severe and / or long-standing, giving Joint Support too, further eases discomfort and aids ease of movement.

These can be bought as a bundle here.  

Both Joints and Joint Support are safe to use alongside any other natural products, and medication prescribed by vets. 

Q: Is this available in Canada?


Thank you for your enquiry. We do ship to Canada. You can order direct through this website.

Q: Hello. Are you able to provide a more detailed analysis of the ingredients used and the quantity within the product? Many Thanks Lauren

Hi Lauren,

The ingredients are listed on the products page, and are our own, unique Veterinary Formula blend of: 

Hydrolysed Collagen, organic Kelp, Bromelain from pineapples (corn starch used as a carrier) and Hyaluronic Acid.

Beverley Sunley
Q: My dog weighs 43 k how much should he have of it.

A 43kg dog typically requires 2 teaspoons twice daily. Where stiffness or joint pathology is severe, a little more may be necessary - it depends on each individual dog's circumstances. The small tub (200g) is designed for cats and dogs weighing 15kg or less, and the large tub (400g) for medium and large dogs.

If there is still room for improvement after a month of supplementation, giving the Joint Support remedy too, provides additional relied of discomfort, and further aids ease of movement.

Joints and Joint Support can be purchased as a bundle for a saving of £8 here.

Andrienne Vasquez
Q: Hi , I am looking for a joint supplement for my 8 year old labradoodle that weighs 40kg . She has TTA surgery last year so has a metal plate in her knee . She has arthritis in this knee . Is this something she can have long term ? My dog has just recovered from a stomach ulcer caused by meds. I’m started her on Youmove but it upsets her tummy and the GLM powder makes her itch . Is this gentle on her tummy and if so is it double the dose to start ? Thank you

Good morning Andrienne, thank you for your enquiry.

Joints is the perfect supplement in these circumstances. It provides the body with the nutrients it needs to build and repair ALL joint structures, including muscles, tendons, ligament, bones, fibrous tissues, cartilage and joint lubricating 'oil'. It is very gentle on the stomach, and there is no need to give double the amount to begin with. Improvements in joint comfort and mobility are typically seen in within a few weeks. If there is still a need for additional relief after a month, giving the Joint Support remedy alongside Joints, soothes sore tissues and further aids ease of movement. 

For more information on aiding recovery following ACL rupture, take a look at this blog.  

Marie Barrow-Heath
Q: Can this be taken along with Yumove (joint plus)?

Hi Marie, yes it can as it is a completely different formulation.

Many of our customers also find that after a month on Joints, if a significant improvement in mobility is seen, they are able to continue with Joints alone, without any loss of benefits. Do let us know how you get on.

Karen Mccraw
Q: westie has chronic pancreatitis.....this won't affect that will it?....i.e....fat/carb content...

Good morning Karen, and thank you for your enquiry.

Joints is very low in oils and fats (less than 2%) and has virtually no carbohydrate content. The full nutritional analysis figures can be found on the left hand side of the product page, and by expanding the panel 'Ingredients' under the heading 'The Details.'

Q: Can you give a breakdown of levels of active ingredients in mg, ie glucosamine, chondroitin etc?

The composition can be found by scrolling down the left hand side of the product page and clicking on the + next to INGREDIENTS to open the data panel.

Joints does not contain glucosamine or chondroitin, as these largely target joint cartilage, whereas Joints provides the building blocks for ALL joint structures, including cartilage, bone, muscles, tendons, ligaments, fibrous tissues and joint lubricating 'oil', And this is why it is so effective at aiding maximum mobility and flexibility. It also supports whole body musculoskeletal health.

You won't see any components listed in mg because Joints is a 100% natural supplement composed of a unique blend of whole foods and whole food extracts. When you see the amount of ingredients in mg, such as glucosamine, for example, it is because they are synthetically manufactured in large scale industrial plants.

Damien Lander
Q: Hi, I have two dogs 8kg and 28kg, small one is overly active and no visible issues with her previous knee surgeries from 6 years ago, 28kg had knee surgery 3 months back and is having problems since, atm she has a clicky knee. So I’m hopeing this stuff helps. How much would I need to buy to supply both dogs on a monthly basis please? Thank you.

Hi Damien, thank you for your enquiry.

The optimum dose of the Joints powder is 1 teaspoon per 10kg daily, divided between meals. And so you would be using just under 4 teaspoons daily - 1 for the smaller dog, and 3 for the larger girl. A 400g tub supplies approximately 100 teaspoons, and so would last around 4 weeks (25-28 days). The Joint Support remedy, would last 6 months or more, as the dose is only 2-3 drops 3 times daily, regardless of size. And these can be added to food, and drinking water.

We hope this helps, and do let us know how you get on.

The details


    Add the suggested amount to the diet daily, divided between meals. 

    If a pet has sensitive bowels, it is better to give half the usual quantity or less to begin with, and then - if the stools remain well-formed and health otherwise good - increase to the full amount over a few days. 


    A powdered blend of Hydrolysed Collagen, organic Kelp, Bromelain from pineapples (corn starch used as a carrier) and Hyaluronic Acid.

    Typical analysis:

    Crude protein: 83-85%; Crude fibres: <5%; Crude oils and fats: <2%; Crude ash: <5%

    Product description:

    A natural supplement designed to complement a complete, balanced diet. 


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