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Joint Support Max Small

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Joint Support Max Small

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Andrienne Vasquez
Q: Hi , I am looking for a joint supplement for my 8 year old labradoodle that weighs 40kg . She has TTA surgery last year so has a metal plate in her knee . She has arthritis in this knee . Is this something she can have long term ? My dog has just recovered from a stomach ulcer caused by meds. I’m started her on Youmove but it upsets her tummy and the GLM powder makes her itch . Is this gentle on her tummy and if so is it double the dose to start ? Thank you

Good morning Andrienne, thank you for your enquiry.

Joints is the perfect supplement in these circumstances. It provides the body with the nutrients it needs to build and repair ALL joint structures, including muscles, tendons, ligament, bones, fibrous tissues, cartilage and joint lubricating 'oil'. It is very gentle on the stomach, and there is no need to give double the amount to begin with. Improvements in joint comfort and mobility are typically seen in within a few weeks. If there is still a need for additional relief after a month, giving the Joint Support remedy alongside Joints, soothes sore tissues and further aids ease of movement. 

For more information on aiding recovery following ACL rupture, take a look at this blog.  

Q: Can you give a breakdown of levels of active ingredients in mg, ie glucosamine, chondroitin etc?

The composition can be found by scrolling down the left hand side of the product page and clicking on the + next to INGREDIENTS to open the data panel.

Joints does not contain glucosamine or chondroitin, as these largely target joint cartilage, whereas Joints provides the building blocks for ALL joint structures, including cartilage, bone, muscles, tendons, ligaments, fibrous tissues and joint lubricating 'oil', And this is why it is so effective at aiding maximum mobility and flexibility. It also supports whole body musculoskeletal health.

You won't see any components listed in mg because Joints is a 100% natural supplement composed of a unique blend of whole foods and whole food extracts. When you see the amount of ingredients in mg, such as glucosamine, for example, it is because they are synthetically manufactured in large scale industrial plants.

Damien Lander
Q: Hi, I have two dogs 8kg and 28kg, small one is overly active and no visible issues with her previous knee surgeries from 6 years ago, 28kg had knee surgery 3 months back and is having problems since, atm she has a clicky knee. So I’m hopeing this stuff helps. How much would I need to buy to supply both dogs on a monthly basis please? Thank you.

Hi Damien, thank you for your enquiry.

The optimum dose of the Joints powder is 1 teaspoon per 10kg daily, divided between meals. And so you would be using just under 4 teaspoons daily - 1 for the smaller dog, and 3 for the larger girl. A 400g tub supplies approximately 100 teaspoons, and so would last around 4 weeks (25-28 days). The Joint Support remedy, would last 6 months or more, as the dose is only 2-3 drops 3 times daily, regardless of size. And these can be added to food, and drinking water.

We hope this helps, and do let us know how you get on.

Dawn Patterson
Q: My 4 y.o. Spinone has a suspected partial cruciate tear which the vet is treating with metacam and careful on-lead exercise. Would the joint remedy be safe to use alongside the metacam or should I wait until he’s finished the prescribed course? Ps I ordered the joint support powder last week not realising that you do a combined package so I’ve given myself a good slapping for not noticing!

Hi Dawn, thank you for your enquiry. 

Yes, all our supplements and remedies are safe to use alongside any medication prescribed by vet. And the sooner they are strated the better when any injury has occurred. Guidance on how to provide the best possible nutritional support following cruciate ligament damage can be found here.

Do let us know how you get on.  


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