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Despite all medical treatment Marlee's leg was in danger of developing gangrene.. and then

Marlee, an 8 year old Rottweiler underwent major surgery in her right shoulder for a bone cancer at the end of March 2022.

Despite a number of complications developing, the post-operative recovery appeared to be going reasonably well - until 9th May 2022, when a sore on the opposite leg - near the left elbow - became infected.

Surgical debridement was carried out, along with flushing and cleaning of the area. Potent antibiotics were also administered.

Despite all of this however, the infection continued to spread, and threatened to progress to septicaemia and / or gangrene in the previously healthy leg - both of which would have been grave for Marlee.

We were contacted at this point, and quickly arranged an online consultation, with a view to providing natural support.

At this point the medication being given was:

  • Gabapentin 400mg TID
  • Paracetamol 500mg BID
  • Amantadine 150mg SID
  • Methadone 0.2mg/kg q4h
  • Trazodone 150mg BID
  • Imipenem 10mg/kg TID
  • Fucidin topically QID   

And the foods were:

  • GI dry
  • Butchers tins
  • Purina GI tins
  • ND Lamb
  • Recovery liquid and Chicken (Immediately post operatively)

A remedy was prescribed and dispatched along with Immunity,Vitality and Digestion, and instructions given to the hospital nursing staff on their use.

Within 24 hours Marlee visibly brightened - which is always a good sign.

And over the course of the next 4 days the seeping pus dried up, healing tissue began to close the lower wound and the discoloration in parts of the leg - which is often typical of cellulitis (which can lead to gangrene) - cleared to be replaced by a normal, healthy colour.

These remarkable improvements occurred without any other changes to the medical regime - which had been in place well before the natural remedy and supplements were started. 

This clearly shows how effective Vince the Vet Veterinary Formula supplements and remedies are at stimulating and supporting the body's ability to mount an immune response and self-repair, even under the most challenging of conditions.

And this is down to their unique history and development in a clinical veterinary setting, which is unmatched elsewhere.

The wonderful thing is, this degree of life-changing nutrition need not be reserved for dogs and cats with health issues. Enriching the diet of young, adult and older pets whose well-being appears good, with one or more supplements (ImmunityVitalityDigestion and Joints) can move health to a whole new level. Try it and see for yourself! And if you're not sure where to start drop us a line using the contact page on our website.

Marlee still has another big battle to face, given the poor prognosis that bone cancer carries, but we're hoping that with continued nutritional support her quality of life will remain high for as long as possible - as it did for Lexi, Pippa and many other pets struck with serious conditions over the last 25+ years.