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Lexi - 3 Months To Live, Now Too Fast To Film! What’s going on?

If Vince the Vet Veterinary Formula supplements can do this for very poorly dogs like Lexi, imagine what they can do for your pet's health and well-being.

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"At the beginning of March this year we got the devastating news that our 3 year old pointer Lexi had lymphoma and was given 3 months to live.

As advised we started chemo but after only one treatment it was clear that chemo was going to probably kill her before the cancer did. So I looked for alternative help. I contacted Vince the Vet who provided Lexi with the raw food and supplements to give her every possible chance.

Lexi is now full of life, super sharp and bright and absolutely loving life!

She will always be a little on the slim side but she no longer looks unwell. We take each day as it comes and are so happy that even if her life is short she will be a very happy dog.

We are extremely thankful to the Vince the Vet Team, who care so much for our furry friends."


Summary of Lexi's regime so far

The steps below were taken at intervals of several weeks.

Gong slowly, and making one change at a time is important when any health problems are present, but especially so when a pet has food sensitivities and / or recurrent digestive disturbances (Lexi has IBD in addition to the intestinal lymphoma).

This helps to avoid overloading the body, and also confirms whether the meat, supplements and remedies used suit a particular dog or cat, and are beneficial to give long-term.

  1.  Cooked minced chicken, Stomach and Bowel Support and an individualised remedy.
  2.  Immunity
  3.  Vitality
  4.  Digestion
  5.  Salmon oil