Care for your pet like Vince the Vet


When a pet is diagnosed with cancer, tough decisions have to be made.

Is surgery, chemotherapy or a combination of the two the best option?

Is the disease so advanced that the kindest course of action would be euthanasia?

Will taking an alternative approach which focuses on supporting the immune system in the fight against cancer, help maintain quality of life for longer?

What to choose for the best will vary from pet to pet, depending on a number of factors, and individual circumstances. 

What Pippa's story so far (like Lexi's) illustrates, is the often underestimated impact that nutrition can have on the course of a disease, and the well-being of affected dogs or cats.


Pippa's Diagnosis - Brain Cancer

'In January of this year, we were given the devastating news that our 6 year old, yellow Labrador Pippa, had an inoperable brain tumour. 

We were told that it was slow growing but her life expectancy was not great. 

I didn’t want to put her through any radiotherapy, as that would have been too traumatic for her, and there were no guarantees. However, I was determined to give our beautiful girl the best quality of life I could. I turned to the internet for advice. It was while searching that I came across Vince the Vet's website. The testimonies from other people were very positive. So, I sent Vince an email and explained all about Pippa. Vince came back to me almost immediately, and asked me if I could arrange to get Pippa’s medical records sent to him. I had a consultation via zoom, and Vince explained that all I could do was try to give Pippa a good quality of life for the time she had remaining... explaining that if I was willing to change her diet to raw meat and use the supplements, it may build up her immune system and help her to stay well for a while longer. I was so impressed with his knowledge of holistic treatment and how easy he was to talk to that I did not hesitate to give his recommendations a try.

In February 2021 I started to feed her Vince the Vet raw turkey with a teaspoon of VitalityImmunity, and Digestion supplements. She also has three drops, three times a day, of a special remedy made by Vince. I received written guidance on how to transition to the new diet, and increase the amount of supplements being given. Pippa has taken to the raw meat and supplements really well, with no upset tummy or sickness. She celebrated her 7th birthday in August, and I am hoping she will continue to stay well.

Although she has started to get some muscle wastage on her head and her third eyelid partially covers her right eye, she is still a happy girl. She is very vocal at meal times, plays with her ball and still bosses our older lab about.  She has lost some weight over the last few months but she is not in any pain. I truly believe that Vince’s advice and products have contributed to Pippa maintaining a good quality of life. I am eternally grateful that she is still here.

I would recommend Vince the Vet's advice and products to anyone. In fact, I wish I had known about the benefits, of a raw meat diet and the various supplements available from Vince the Vet, when Pippa was a puppy.'

Marsha and Pippa


9th February 2022

Pippa lost her battle against cancer today, having to be euthanised following  a sudden stroke - which was likely a complication of the brain tumour.

This is just over a year from the time the diagnosis was made (28/01/21) when life expectancy was estimated to be several months.

Despite this, the natural support provided by a Vince the Vet raw diet plus supplements and remedies, gave Pippa an extra 10 months of high quality life, right up to the final day.

And it's results like this which show, the extraordinary impact that clinically proven nutrition can have on dogs and cats, even when chronic or sever disease is present, and the outlook appears bleak.

3 Supplements Which Benefit Every Pet With A Growth

ImmunityVitality and Digestion all provide potent immune system support, in different ways. 

This is vital for pets suffering from cancer, like Pippa, Lexi and Donnie.

And because their effects are dose dependent, they are best given at double the daily amount* suggested on the labels for general health maintenance, to ensure they have the maximum impact on the body's natural defence mechanisms.

*Because the supplements are exceptionally rich in health-promoting nutrients, they are best introduced one at a time at intervals of 7-10 days, to give the digestive system time to adapt to the change in diet. The amount of each given, should also start low to begin with, and then gradually be increased as long as the stools remain well-formed, until the full amount is being added to the diet every day.