Care for your pet like Vince the Vet

Why These Two Words Mean The World for Your Pet

'Clinically proven' is a phrase typically used to indicate that a product is effective.

Frequently however, this claim is based on the results seen in a small number of animals in a controlled trial, rather than in many thousands of pets living in the real world.

Plus, only a relatively small change in physiology or aspect of health needs to be observed, for it to be deemed statistically significant.

Vince the Vet's'clinically proven' on the other hand, is another level altogether. 

Which is why these two words mean the world for your pet.

And the fascinating story why this is so, can be read below.

History and Development

25 years ago, faced with an endless stream of pets suffering from itchy skins, chronic digestive conditions, kidney dysfunction, cancer and many other conditions, Dr. Vince, the founder of Vince the Vet, turned to Nature for answers.


Because the only way that conventional veterinary medicine can provide relief for many dogs and cats struggling with ongoing health issues, is by using medication of one sort or another (which is as true today as it was back then).

The problem with this approach unfortunately, is that most drugs come with side-effects - which can be serious in sensitive pets, and sometimes life-threatening. 'Surely', Dr. Vince reasoned, 'there exists in the natural world and its extraordinary cornucopia of medicinal plants, nutrients which could stimulate and support the body's ability to self-repair and enhance quality of life naturally, even when circumstances were challenging?'

Traditional texts on herbs were scoured and trips to various countries around the world followed (including India, China, Thailand, Sri Lanka, USA and elsewhere), so that ancient systems of healthcare - many of which have been around for thousands of years - could be studied first hand.

Back in his veterinary clinic, Dr. Vince soon discovered however, that many of the reputed benefits of particular plants and minerals, failed to materialise for his patients. And in all likelihood the reason for this was that almost all the information available on the medicinal uses of herbs and other natural remedies, was based on their effects in people, not animals. And so it was back to the drawing board.

Unique blends of natural ingredients were created and trialled in pets - many of whom desperately needed help, as nothing else was working. One dog in the early days was actually referred by the RCVS - which was rather a shock at the time given their perspective on nutrition and complementary therapies. Perhaps not unsurprisingly, it's never happened again!

Eventually, all the dedication, research and monitoring clinical results over a long period, paid off. Formulations were discovered which delivered significant health benefits, in an increasing number of pets.

Itching reduced.

Digestive upsets became less frequent.

Energy levels and overall health improved.

Anxiety reduced.

Post-operative recoveries were much quicker, with less bruising and swelling.

Stiff and inactive pets began playing and moving like puppies and kittens again.

As encouraging as this was, Dr. Vince didn't stop there. The goal was to see positive results in not just 50% of pets, but 80% or more. So the process of refining the blends continued for years, until this was achieved and the supplements and remedies became truly life-changing. 

Marlee's extraordinary story, illustrates this perfectly!