Enhanced Digestive Support Large


    1 x Digestion - Large 600g

    1 x Stomach and Bowel Support 50ml

Enhanced Digestive Support Large

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Enhanced Digestive Support Large

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        Joint Support For Maximum Mobility and Flexibility - Dogs and CatsDESCRIPTIONUnique Veterinary Formula developed over 40+ years which in contrast to glucosamine, chondroitin and green-lipped mussel based products which largely support cartilage only, provides the body with the nutritional building blocks for ALL musculoskeletal structures, including muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, bones, cartilage, fibrous supporting tissues and synovial fluid (joint lubricating 'oil').100% natural, premium quality human food grade ingredients, with NO fillers, binders, glues, lubricants, artificial flavours or colourings, GMO, chemical analogues or additives of any kind - which many supplements use and are included for the benefit of manufacturers, not pets.Fast acting, quadruple action formulation often results in visible signs of improvement within a few weeks - sometimes days. Benefits seen vary from pet to pet depending on the degree and duration of stiffness or difficulty moving around, but typically include greater mobility and flexibility, easier movement, increased energy, activity and playfulness, a renewed interest in walks and other forms of exercise, better posture, and behaving like a puppy again. Aids healthy growth and development, which is important for all pets but especially rapidly growing puppies of medium, large and giant sized breeds, plus crossbreeds with large bones. Also supports muscle development and stamina in active and working dogs.Highly beneficial for aiding convalescence and a return to full health following any musculoskeletal injury or procedure, such as cruciate repair, orthopaedic surgery, plus damage to muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and bones.  Joints is also the ideal partner to Vince the Vet Joint Support and Recuperation remedy, which further aids ease of movement.Vince the Vet® VETERINARY FORMULA SUPPLEMENTS were developed in clinical veterinary practice over 40+ years to provide highly effective, life-changing nutritional care. Each product is a unique blend of life-enhancing natural ingredients, which have been carefully selected for their ability to support optimum health and well-being. All Vince the Vet supplements and remedies have been constantly refined over many decades, as a result of the feedback received from tens of thousands of pets and real world results. And this is why they are so effective, for the great majority of animals. JOINTS is a synergistic blend of four natural ingredients which are exceptionally rich in musculoskeletal nourishing nutrients. This helps the the body to build the healthiest possible joints it can, given a pet's own, unique, individual circumstances.     


    Joints - Large 400g

        Joint Support For Maximum Mobility and Flexibility - Dogs and CatsDESCRIPTIONUnique Veterinary Formula developed over 40+ years which in contrast ...