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Avoiding Traumatic Ear Surgery For Chronic Inflammation

Around 14 months of age, Pippa started having problems with recurrent ear infections and a head tilt. 

An ear cleaner and medicated drops were prescribed several times, but didn't help with the signs.

 A McTimoney Chiropractor however, discovered that the Atlas vertebrae was misaligned, and when this was corrected, the infection cleared.

Six months later, Pippa's neck muscles began to spasm at the slightest touch, and the head tilt returned. Massage therapy and TTouch helped, but to be on the safe side examination by a vet was advised.

A general anaesthetic was administered by the local vet, and the left ear canal was found to contain a large amount of brown discharge. This was flushed out, but it still wasn't possible to determine whether the eardrum was intact, or if the infection had extended into the middle ear. Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication was prescribed.

The X-rays taken at the time, were subsequently reviewed by a specialist, and a CT scan was recommended, with a view to performing a TECA (Total Ear Canal Ablation) operation. This is fairly brutal 'salvage' surgery, which involves the complete removal of the ear canal AND tympanic bulla (middle ear), leaving only the ear flap (pinna) remaining. By this time, Pippa was also chewing her legs and toes.

Hoping an alternative approach could help Pippa avoid a traumatic operation, her Mum contacted us for support.

In many cases (not all) the underlying cause of recurrent inflammation of the ear is a sensitivity to one or more allergens in the diet. And so the first step in circumstances like these - once parasites and other external causes of inflammation have been ruled out - is to feed a single protein raw food to see if this brings about a reduction in irritation and other signs. If after a short while no change is seen, then another meat is usually tried. Given that Pippa faced life-changing surgery however, and there was a pressing need to prevent the disease progressing as quickly as possible, a Nutriscan test was advised. This helps to confirm if food sensitivities are present, if so, identifies the least reactive foods, which can then be trialled. (No test is 100% accurate, but this is the most reliable one currently available for identifying allergenic foods and intolerances.)

Based on the results, a single protein raw food was fed, and an individualised remedy prescribed to stimulate and support the immune system, to help it become less reactive over time, and better able to fight off infections. Cleansing remedies were also provided (Intestinal Cleanse and Organ Cleanse, in the Natural Worm Control and Detoxification Support combination pack).

In the month that followed, the ear discharge reduced markedly, and itching became minimal. The head tilt also improved - so much so that no massage had been required for 3 weeks. 

Immunity followed by Vitality were gradually added to the diet, and the single protein raw food and cleansing remedies continued to support the progress already  made. 

Two years have now passed and Pippa remains 100% healthy, with 2 completely normal ears and no skin problems! 

This is a perfect illustration of the role that nutrition can play in disease and health, and how the right dietary changes and supplementation can, in certain circumstances, change everything - even when the future looks bleak.


The main reason why Pippa has done so well over the years, is because the diet which helped her initially, has not been changed in the slightest. And this is so important when a regime is working - especially in a dog with a sensitivity to multiple allergens. 

(She is still on the same single protein raw, Immunity, Vitality and cleansing remedies).

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