Prescription diets are often used to manage a wide range of health issues in pets.

A major drawback of many of these foods however, is that they are highly processed and contain numerous synthetic ingredients and chemical additives - which is far from ideal for supporting optimum health.

A much healthier option in most cases, is to feed a specially formulated diet of fresh food (raw or home-cooked) plus carefully selected supplements, which take into account the nutritional needs that need to be met given the current state of health, so that quality of life can be maintained for as long as possible.   

Vince the Vet Special Diets provide 100% natural, balanced nutrition to support well-being in specific areas of health.

They are the product of successfully helping many thousands of pets in clinical veterinary practice over the last 35+ years.

To ensure that each pet receives the very best nutritional care for them, our diets include the following:

  • weekly emailed instructions on the diet to feed and how
  • monitoring of you pet's progress from the feedback provided
  • FREE expert veterinary advice by email if and when necessary to ensure the best results  

How much?

There is no charge to sign up for a special diet programme, or for all the guidance and support provided. 

The only cost involved is for your pet's food (raw or homecooked) plus any supplements and remedies required to provide the necessary nourishment and care.

And even when the diet is complete, we will still be on hand to answer questions and queries going forward. 

To get started, click on the most appropriate plan below.