While we are able to provide free expert advice on how to get the most out of using our supplements, remedies and raw to support optimum health and well-being, when specific health issues are present a more in depth approach is necessary.

If you wish to go down this route at any stage these are the options:


Key to improving quality of life as much as possible, when persistent health issues are present, is providing optimum natural support, using a combination of dietary changes, natural supplements and remedies.

So that we can provide an individually tailored support plan with this in mind, we first need to review all medical records, and arrange an online consultation in accordance with RCVS guidelines.

The fee for this is £300. This includes follow up email support. 

If an additional consultation is required at any point, the fee for this is £150.

To book, please complete and submit this online questionnaire 


Have concerns about your pet's health or the advice you have been given?

To receive a written personalised veterinary report, tailored to suit your dog or cat's unique needs visit Vet Advice Direct


An alternative to highly processed (and often unpalatable) 'prescription' foods is an expertly formulated raw or home-cooked diet.

Suitable for pet's with special dietary needs because of a health issue of one sort or another, an individualised feeding plan can now be purchased here - Vet Advice Direct. 

Suitable for:

  •  Liver and gall bladder issues
  •  Digestive disturbances
  •  Musculoskeletal and joint problems
  •  Cancer
  •  Other conditions (email to ask if unsure)

Alternatively, book Individualised Nutritional Support above for one to one attention.


Recurrent or persistent itching is a challenging condition to help, which is why so many dogs end up on immunosuppressive drugs. Although this provides temporary relief, the longer they are used, the more likely side-effects are to develop which can be serious in sensitive pets.  

Key to providing comfort, without constant medication, is to identify the reason(s) why the skin is itchy in the first place and then to successfully address the cause(s) using a natural approach where possible.

This requires a logical sequence of investigations, by a pet parent and a vet, to make sure that nothing is missed. And unless this is done, itching will persist.

If you would like our help with this process, either book Individualised Nutritional Support above for one to one attention, or sign up to our Helping My Itchy Dog course here.

Included in the package is live Zoom Group Support meets with Dr. Vince on alternate Thursdays 18:30pm - 19:30pm for a year. 

These fees apply from 01-10-2023