Enhanced Ultimate Anxiety & Behaviour Improvement Small


    1 X Vitality - Small 200g

    1 x Ultimate Anxiety and Behaviour Improvement Combination Pack 

Enhanced Ultimate Anxiety & Behaviour Improvement Small

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Enhanced Ultimate Anxiety & Behaviour Improvement Small

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Previous Questions

Dani Bruce
Q: Hi, can I use this with travel drops ? Won’t be using it a lot but can I use all 3 ? Thanks ????

Hi Dani, yes all 3 can be used together without any problem whenever necessary, as all the remedies are designed to complement each other. They can all be dropped onto the same morsel of food and given this way. 

Kirsty Mellett
Q: Hi my dog is absolutely perfect….until I have to leave the house, I am never out for too long just shopping and school runs, I take him out with me as much as I can, when I do leave he gets very anxious whimpers and shakes, I have left lots out for him like treats and chicken and he won’t touch until I am home, neighbours have commented on his crying too when I leave, I just came across your products and wondering if they would be any help for him Thank you

Hi Kirsty, the Ultimate Anxiety Relied remedies have helped a lot of dogs in similar circumstances. For the best results they should be used in conjunction with positive, reward based retraining, as described here. Do let us know how you get on.

Carol Thomas
Q: What is in this?

Hi Carol, if you scroll down the page you will see the heading INGREDIENTS on the left hand side. Click on the + sign alongside this to expand  the panel. This will show the composition of both remedies:


Spring water and alcohol (25%) plus extracts of Scutellaria lateriflora, Argentum metallicum, Tryptophan and German chamomile.


Spring water and alcohol (25%) plus extracts of Avena sativa, Passiflora, Valeriana officinalis and Yellow jessamine.

Nicola Ives
Q: My dog has got hypersensitivity....which we / vet only found out whilst her being under on anaesthetic...her vet thinks it has affected all her senses & with it being rare for dogs ...would these work ? She has took gabapentin to calm/ relieve before but the dose for her size ( 5kg ) doesn't affect her at all because of her hypersensitivity....to put it context when being spayed they had to use horse tranquillisers....her sensitivity to traffic noise is immense ! Her anexity is the same !!

Hi Nicola, it's impossible to say in advance whether the remedies will help you particular girl, given the degree of sensitivity described. They have however, proved to be very effective for many highly anxious dogs in the past. It is important to be aware that their effects are cumulative, and so the longer they are given (typically 3-6 months or more), the more likely a reduction in reactivity and stress will be seen.

Maria Black
Q: My dog is on your Joints powder is it ok to use Ultimate Anxiety Relief at same time?

Hi Maria, yes is is. All our products are designed to complement each other, and so they can be combined in whatever way is best for each pet, to deliver the maximum health benefits. 

Q: Hi. I have a rehoming Labrador. He is 16 months old and he is 26kg. I’m thinking to buy the product for anxiety but I would like to know how many daily drops I should give him? And how many drops are 50ml? Thanks

Hi Tamara, the dose is 2-3 drops of both remedies 3 times daily on a morsel of food (easy for most Labradors!). A 50ml bottle typically lasts 6 months or more. You may also find this short video helpful.

Q: How do you give your pets this straight out of the bottle or sprinkled on their food. I'm so sorry if you've already said & I've missed it or it's just a stupid question.

No problem at all! 

The easiest way to give the drops is on a morsel of food. It is also beneficial to sprinkle a little on bedding and in safe places a pet likes to go when feeling insecure. ????

Laura Davis
Q: Hi My nearly 5 yr old rescue French Bulldog suffers with leaky anal gland. He doesn’t scoot or itch it just leaks every now and then. But obviously isn’t pleasant. Would this supplement help ? Or do you have something more specific? We have had him since he was 2 yrs. He is very reactive towards other dogs so walking him can be very stressful. I have tried many calming supplements and seen behaviourists but they don’t work. Have you any advice please? Many thanks Laura

Hi Laura, Immunity helps with many anal sac problems in two ways. Firstly, the healthy fibre it supplies encourages more complete emptying, which reduces the likelihood of a build up of secretion that can lead to leaking. Secondly, it supports a healthy immune system, which is important for protecting against infection in that area.

Ultimate Anxiety Relief and Behaviour Improvement, is effective in 80% of dogs when used alongside positive, reward based training. Give 2-3 drops of both remedies 3 times daily on a morsel of food, for as long as it takes for new, healthier patterns of behaviour to become firmly established (typically 3 - 6 months - occasionally longer in very nervous / reactive dogs).


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