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In January 2021, following recurrent ear problems spanning 6 years, and the development of a super infection with pseudomonas, stemming from the repeated use of antibiotics, Bailey's pet parents were advised that amputation of one or both ears was the next step.

 At this point we were approached to see if anything could be done to avoid such traumatic, last resort surgery.

Following an online consultation, Bailey was transitioned to one of our single protein raw foods, and an array of our supplements and remedies were gradually introduced in stages. The purpose of this was two fold. Firstly. to minimise the risk of reaction to foods, by reducing the allergen score to one. Secondly, to support a healthy immune system, which could tackle the pseudomonas infection, while at the same time becoming less reactive to environmental and dietary substances which could trigger inflammation.

Signs of improvement quickly began to appear. These continued over the next 10 months, to the point that a little daily cleaning was all that was required for the ears to remain comfortable. And all without major surgery or drugs! And that's how it's been for the last 2 years.

Unfortunately, in the last few months, it became evident that Bailey had developed  bladders stones, and needed surgery to remove these. The local vets also recommended that he go on a prescription kibble diet. Luckily, Bailey's parents got in touch straight away, and we pointed out that any move away from the diet (Vince the Vet Raw,Digestion, Immunity, Vitality, Joints, plus omega 3 oil) which rescued his ears and has served him well over the last 2 years, would likely set off infections again, with all that this would entail - something which hadn't been taken into account by his local vets.

And so, what we're doing instead, after all the appropriate analyses and genetic testing has been carried out, is adjusting his raw based diet, and adding in remedies to support kidney and bladder function. Regular monitoring of urine will also be part of the new regime going forward.  

If all goes well, Bailey's quality of life will continue to remain excellent for many years to come.

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