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My Dog Has Tested Positive For Lungworm - What Do I Do?

When a pet tests positive for lungworm using one of our kits, we advise that an appropriate wormer be prescribed by a vet, for two reasons:

  1. Lungworm larvae can cause significant damage to the lungs and / or heart, even in low numbers, and the longer infection continues, the more serious this becomes. 
  2. We've no direct experience of dogs testing positive for lungworm, and then subsequently testing clear when rescreened 2-3 weeks later, after grape seed extract or any similar alternative has been used.   

To ensure worming is as safe as possible, by helping the body cope with the chemicals used, it is best to give both remedies in the Natural Worm Control and Detoxification Support Pack 3 times daily for 3 weeks. 

Ideally these should be started before the wormer is given or as soon as possible afterwards. They can then be used regularly, as part of a pet's natural health care regime, as described under 'Directions' here.


In our experience, it is wise to avoid the newer parasiticidal drugs, and opt for one of those which has stood the test of time and has a relatively low incidence of adverse side-effects.

Whatever product is used, stools should be screened for lungworm 2-3 weeks after the medication has been given, to confirm the treatment has worked.