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Feeding Kibble Complicates Helping Itchy Dogs - Why?

It's all a question of numbers

Many dogs with food sensitivities have an itchy skin.

This is caused by the immune system reacting to parts of the diet (allergens).

The greater the number of ingredients present in a food therefore, the more likely it is that it will trigger inflammation in the body of an affected pet.

Feeding one meat (single protein raw or home-cooked), reduces the number of potential allergens to 1 - the lowest possible count.

Feeding kibble on the other hand, which often contains numerous ingredients* (40 or 50 is not unusual), increases the number of possible allergens hugely. And so, it is much more likely to cause reactions in food sensitive pets.

On top of this, most kibble (and other processed pet foods), contain sugars and carbohydrates** which can fuel yeast infections - a common complication of chronic skin issues.

And so it is very difficult to help a dog with diet-related skin problems while continuing to feed kibble, which is why a raw or home-cooked diet is by far the better place to start.

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*These include animal derivatives, fruits, vegetables, grains, botanicals and many others, plus 'nutritional additives' (synthetic vitamins and minerals by another name).

**Present in sweet vegetables, fruits, grains and other ingredients.