Care for your pet like Vince the Vet

Crippled with arthritis Coco was scheduled for euthanasia

"After the success of your Joint Support drops for our own old boy, 15 and a half year old Steve, I ordered 6 bottles to be sent to the senior sanctuary in the US, as we have so many hospice care dogs with joint issues.

Vince, I need to tell you about one of our new girls, Coco, a 14 year old lab who had been scheduled for euthanasia, had we not taken her in, due to her pain.

Coco came to us from the shelter with Galliprant, which I really don't like as it is not kind to the kidneys, and very poor mobility... despite her having been on this awful drug for a year. It literally did nothing for her; I am sad that she was kept on it for so long and the damage it has done.

She has been on Vince the Vet Joint Support drops for two weeks and we are seeing an increase in mobility already as well as a general improved sense of wellness - along with a much improved appetite.

She is not experiencing anywhere near as much daily discomfort and in the meantime we are able to lessen the burden on her kidneys - hopefully giving her more time with us. We do still have to lift her up to get her walking, but once she is up she moves with more enthusiasm, less wincing and she is more relaxed.

Thanks again for this product!"

UPDATE 08-06-22

"As of last night Coco is now getting up unaided... completely on her own!

Holy s**t Vince, that's incredible!"

Penny Miller

Desperate Dogs All-Inclusive Holistic Boarding Facility

Founder and Executive Director, Frankie and Andy's Place Holistic Senior Dog Sanctuary