Natural Worm Control and Detoxification Support 50ml

DESCRIPTIONUnique Veterinary Formula developed over 40+ years which helps the body cope successfully with exposure to parasites, toxins, environmental and dietary chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and a wide variety of drugs. 100% natural ingredients, with NO potentially harmful chemical additives of any kind - which many remedies use and are included for the benefit of manufacturers, not pets.Supports a cleaner digestive system which is inhospitable to worms, aids the assimilation of nutrients from the diet so that the maximum of nourishment is extracted from the diet fed, boosts the gut immune system, improves body condition, increases energy levels and supports a healthier gut microbiome which balances the gut-brain axis, enhances mood and improves behaviour. Reduces toxin accumulation in the body to help prevent the build up of these to levels that adversely impact health and well-being. Also accelerates the clearance of harmful substances and drugs - which is especially important when side-effects become evident.     Helps the bowels, kidneys, liver, skin and other parts of the body remain healthy, as they work day and night to maintain healthy organs, tissues, glands and cells in the face of unprecedented levels of pollution.Vince the Vet® VETERINARY FORMULA SUPPLEMENTS were developed in clinical veterinary practice over 40+ years to provide highly effective, life-changing nutritional care. Each product is a unique blend of life-enhancing natural ingredients, which have been carefully selected for their ability to support optimum health and well-being. All Vince the Vet supplements and remedies have been constantly refined over many decades, as a result of the feedback received from tens of thousands of pets and real world results. And this is why they are so effective, for the great majority of animals. NATURAL WORM CONTROL AND DETOXIFICATION SUPPORT is a specially prepared blend of botanical extracts designed to help the body remain free of parasites and toxic substances.