Product Content Tab 4 - Joints - Cruciate Ligaments

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) damage / rupture is common in dogs, especially in medium and large breeds.

This typically causes the affected knee to become:

  • unstable
  • inflamed and
  • painful

Surgery is frequently undertaken to restore limb function and prevent further injury to the joint, which over time can adversely affect mobility.

To ensure a rapid return to full limb function, and minimise the onset of stiffness later on in life, it is important to provide the best possible natural support during and after convalescence. 

This can be done as follows:


Give 2-3 drops 3 times daily following surgery, and continue until normal activity is resumed, which is typically 6-12 weeks (may be longer for some dogs).


  • aids self-repair
  • soothes soreness
  • relieves discomfort
  • supports a rapid return to full health


Add to diet daily to:

  • provide the building blocks the body needs to build healthy muscles, tendons, ligaments, bone, joints and joint lubricating 'oil'  
  • support strength in the opposite knee, which ruptures in more than 50% of dogs within a few months or years of the first ACL injury  

Long Term Impact

Stiffness inevitably develops at some stage following cruciate ligament damage.

Although supplementation with Joints along with physiotherapy / hydrotherapy / canine massage can delay this for many years, additional help is often necessary as dogs age. This can be provided by giving Vince the Vet Joint Support remedy too, which naturally eases discomfort in joints and further aids ease of movement.

For the best results, give 2-3 drops three times daily. 

This can be continued along with Joints indefinitely.