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  • unique Veterinary Formulas developed over 25+ years
  • proven in clinical veterinary practice
  • 100% natural, human food grade ingredients
  • NO fillers, preservatives, synthetic ingredients or chemical additives of any kind
  • rich in natural prebiotics which encourage the growth of friendly bacteria in both the small and large intestine
  • exceptionally easy to digest source of many of the nutrients which need to be supplied by the diet every day for optimum health, including protein, vitamins, minerals (including calcium), trace elements, fatty acids and enzymes
  • specially formulated to provide maximum nutritional support to the entire immune system  

Vince the Vet Veterinary Formula Digestion, Vitality and Immunity provide maximum nutritional support for optimum health and well-being.

Digestion  nourishes the gut microbiome and boosts the assimilation of nutrients from the diet. 

This helps the body to extract the maximum amount of nourishment from whatever food is being fed, which is important if all nutritional needs are to be met, at every stage of a dog or cat's life.   

Vitality fuels cellular health in every organ and cell in the body, by providing an exceptionally rich supply of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and many other essential micronutrients, which need to be in the diet every day.

And this it is vital not only for peak physical condition, but also mood and behaviour. 

Immunity powers the body's natural defences and self-repair mechanisms.

This helps the body cope successfully with exposure to pathogenic microbes, and the numerous chemicals pets encounter today, as they go about their daily activities.