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In a study published by Vasseur on non-surgical management of cruciate ligament rupture in dogs weighing less than 15 kg, 85.7% were considered to be clinically normal (no lameness and normal range of motion in the knee) after an average period of 3 years.

Supplementation with Ultimate Joint Support aids the body's natural regenerative and self repair mechanisms, to support a return to full health, and to help delay the onset of degenerative joint changes, further down the line.

The relief provided by Joints, Joint Support plus Recuperation along with PEA may mean that NSAID's or painkillers are often unnecessary.

Exercise during the recovery period (16 to 24 weeks) should be regulated to avoid aggravating damaged structures. In effect this means sensible walks (comfortable distances on the lead), on soft, level ground (soil / sand etc). 

Once weight bearing is no longer painful, physical therapy can be highly beneficial (McTimoney chiropractic, followed by physiotherapy / hydrotherapy). 

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