Care for your pet like Vince the Vet


One of the most underestimated benefits of switching from processed pet food to raw, is the positive impact it can have on mood and behaviour!

The science behind it is fascinating.

Firstly, raw food is chock-full of essential nutrients that are lost during the manufacturing of kibble and tinned dog food. These reduce stress and fuel overall well-being, which naturally makes dogs feel calmer, happier, more energetic, and full of fun! And for dogs suffering from anxiety, aggression and other behavioural issues, this can be a life-changer. 

Secondly, feeding raw eliminates the additives routinely added to kibble and canned pet food, which are known to provoke adverse reactions in sensitive dogs - just as certain additives in fizzy drinks and other confectionary trigger hyperexcitability, attention deficit states and other behavioural changes in children.

Over the years, we've seen thousands of dogs who were 'devils' to train or control, become 'angels' when a good, healthy balanced raw diet was introduced. And it's such an easy thing to do! Simply transition to a high quality meat, bone and offal raw such as ours, and then after a few weeks, start adding a sprinkle of our nutrient dense supplements to guarantee a nutritionally balanced, complete diet is fed, which supports optimum health. Then, enjoy life even more, with your rejuvenated best pal!

Finally, if you ever come across the old wives tales that feeding raw meat makes dogs more aggressive, bloodthirsty or badly behaved, and that meat is too rich in protein for dogs (carnivores???) these can safely be disregarded.

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