Care for your pet like Vince the Vet


1.  The natural support protocol below is designed to complement medical care, it is not a substitute for appropriate veterinary treatment.

2.  Implementing the steps described BEFORE any drugs with known side-effects are given, helps to reduce the risk of potential problems developing.  

Adverse reactions:

The side effects of certain drugs can be serious and sometimes fatal in sensitive pets.

As soon as any unusual signs appear following an injection or any kind of medication, it's vital therefore, to act quickly to support the body's ability to:

  •    Eliminate harmful substances (called detoxification)
  •    Regenerate and repair damaged organs, tissues and cells

An effective way to do this, is as follows:

  1.   Nutritional support:

Feed high quality, easy to digest proteins, such as lean meat and eggs to provide the nutritional building blocks for new cells.

  2.   Supplementation:


  • Algal omega 3 fatty acids which support the body's natural anti-inflammatory mechanisms (use vincethevet15 at checkout to receive 15% discount)

  • Vitality to provide a rich supply of antioxidants to neutralise free radicals, which can further damage the liver and other organs  

  • Organic coconut oil to supply a readily available source of extra energy to fuel the body's healing mechanisms

  • Immunity to help the immune system defend the body against secondary infections, which is crucial in immunocompromised pets   

3.   Remedies:

  • Liver Support helps the liver to break down drugs in the body, as effectively and quickly as possible

  • Detoxification Support aids the elimination of drug residues by multiple routes (such as the liver, kidneys, bowels, and skin / mucous membranes) which helps to alleviate the ill-effects these may be having on health, and prevent problems arising in the future

4.   Avoiding toxins:

When toxic damage and signs of liver distress are already evident it's crucial to minimise exposure to harmful chemicals of any kind, including certain medications, household cleaners, pesticides and insecticides, vaccines etc. as these place an additional burden on the liver and other organs, which is likely to make matters worse.

5.   Hydration:

It's important to ensure fresh water is always available and a pet remains hydrated, to encourage kidney clearing of waste products and toxins in urine. 

Step by Step Guide

Stage 1:

Start giving as soon as possible:

(i)    2 - 3 drops of Detox Support, Liver Support and VET Visit plus Injections 4 times daily on a teaspoon of fresh food (all remedies can be given together).

(ii)   Half a teaspoon of Vitality per 10kg bodyweight daily, divided between meals. 

(iii)  Half a teaspoon of pure, organic coconut oil per 10kg bodyweight daily, divided between meals.

(iv)  One capsule of algal omega 3 oil per 30kg bodyweight squeezed on food daily (or a third per 10kg).

Stage 2:

After 5 days, if the stools are formed and appetite good:

(i)  Continue with remedies, coconut and omega oil as before.

(ii)  Increase Vitality to 1 teaspoon per 10kg bodyweight daily, divided between meals.

(iii) Give half a teaspoon of Immunity per 10kg bodyweight daily, divided between meals.

Stage 3:

After a further 5 days, if the stools are formed and appetite good:

(i)  Continue with remedies, coconut and omega oil, and Vitality as before.

(ii)  Increase Immunity to 1 teaspoon per 10kg bodyweight daily, divided between meals.

It is advisable that follow up blood tests are performed at this point (sooner if advised by your vet) and as necessary going forward.