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History (October 2023):


9 year old Tibetan Terrier

Neutered male

Weight: 17kg (ideal)

Previous health issues: 

  • Stiffness lower back (fusing vertebrae before being rescued in March 2023)
  • Hips, knees and elbows also affected
  • Underactive thyroid
  • Immune related eye issue 21 Aug 2023 - sight fully recovered within a
  • week
  • Eyes 

Previous medication: 

  • Librela preceded by carprofen (Librela continues monthly)
  • Thyforon May 2023 - continuing
  • Loxicom until started steroids, now Pardale - continuing
  • Prednidale - continuing

Current Health 

Reported 05-01-24

" Mobi has not had Librela since we spoke in October (2023) and I pretty quickly got him off all pain relief.

Movement has improved in so many ways.

When he started physio in Sept he couldn't even stand square. Now he's perfectly balanced, and can balance / stretch on wobble cushions and do a perfect bow with elbows on the floor.

His leg muscle measurements have all increased by approx 3cm.

The physio says he's doing the best of all her arthritic patients - others are suffering with the winter weather.

Mobi used to wobble and be shaky when cocking his leg, now he stands firm.

His back legs always used to look weak from behind, not any more.

He's got his bouncy trot action back when walking and is picking his paws up much better.

He's also choosing to walk over the shingle beaches, which he used to avoid.

He's also walking at a really good pace.

He's more flexible - rolls around on his back and stretches his legs out.

All in all he just looks a happy dog with strong movements and he seems more confident around other dogs as well, and is playing on his terms.

He's on Vince the Vet JointsVitality and regular Detoxification Support, and no other supplements.

So all in all, its a huge thank you from both of us!"

Warmest regards


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