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My Pet Is Being Vaccinated - How Can I Make It as Safe As Possible?

When a vaccine is given to a pet there is always a risk of unwanted side-effects.

And in sensitive dogs and cats, these can be serious or life-threatening.

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The following steps can help to ensure that this procedure is as safe as it can be for your dog or cat:

  1. If your dog is an adult, has been fully vaccinated previously, and is due a booster for Distemper, Infectious Canine Hepatitis or Parvovirus, have a Vaccicheck test done first. If this confirms immunity to these viruses is already present, there is no need to give a vaccine.
  2. When inoculation is necessary, add Immunity to the diet as far in advance of the injection as possible. This helps the immune system respond in a healthy manner. Immunity can be continued indefinitely to help the body cope successfully with exposure to pathogenic microbes, and to support strong, natural defences.
  3. 48 hours before the vaccine is given, start giving 2-3 drops of VET Visit plus Injections 3 times daily, Continue for 3 weeks afterwards. Repeat after an interval of 3 weeks.
  4. Two weeks after the second course of VET Visit plus Injections give Detoxification Support for 2 weeks to aid the elimination of any vaccine related residues from the body. After this give the remedy for the first 7 days in each month as part of a natural worm control regime.