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Luna became itchy about two and a half years ago

"Luna developed itchiness about two and a half years ago.

There was some general irritation but the main problem was around her mouth.

Tests could not detect any underlying cause (e.g. mites etc.) and no prescribed treatments or supplements made any difference.

Luna's skin became very raw and sore in patches at the side of her lips and on the muzzle. We did consider the possibility of a zinc issue (ZRD) which can be prevalent in Huskys, but zinc supplements made no difference, and we were loath to subject her to a punch biopsy for a definitive diagnosis.  It was at about this time we came across Vince the Vet and felt that the Immunity product was the best fit.

Within 2 months we thought we detected the first signs of improvement and so continued. After 6 months of supplementation, she had almost no itching. We have continued giving Immunity for 18 months now, and Luna remains largely itch free with only the occasional mini relapse - which usually settles in a few weeks.

Nothing else worked for Luna and her beautiful face was really marred by sore and scabby skin. We are so happy to have found the Immunity supplement. She is back to her beautiful self now.