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A strong healthy immune system is vital for continued well-being and the prevention of a whole host of diseases ranging from a susceptibility to infections, poor healing following injury or illness and the appearance of abnormal growths in the body - including cancer.

And the first signs that all may not be well with the body's natural defence mechanisms, include:

1.  Recurrent infections:

Any part of the body can be affected, but most common are the ears, eyes, mouth / teeth, skin, gut, bladder, paws, nails, joints and respiratory tract, including the lungs.

2.  Slow wound healing:

When the immune system's self-repair mechanisms are below par, repair of injured tissues and surgical incisions are often compromised.

3. Chronic or recurrent digestive issues:

A sensitive stomach or bowels can be a sign that the gut immune system is not as robust as it could be, and is struggling to deal with microbiome disturbances and exposure to toxins, parasites and potentially harmful microbes.

4.  Allergies:

Itching, runny and / or inflamed eyes, frequent episodes of sloppy stools / diarrhoea and coughing or wheezing can all be triggered by an oversensitive immune system reacting to a range of allergens.

5.  Poor body condition:

One of the first signs that all is not well with the body's natural self-repair and defence mechanisms, is a decline in coat quality, unexplained loss of weight and a sense that 'something is not quite right'. And this often includes changes in habits, mood and behaviour. 

6.  Lumps appearing:

When abnormal cells appear in the body, they are usually spotted quickly by patrolling white blood cells, and destroyed before they form masses or become cancerous. If they persist and form growths (and this includes warts) it is a sure sign that the immune system has become weakened in some way, and is no longer able to protect the body as effectively as it should.

Immunity is specifically formulated to keep the immune system in tip top condition and ready for action at all times, whether this be in repairing organs, tissues and cells in need, or successfully fighting off foreign invaders, while letting innocuous substances such as pollen and house dust be.

And how does it do this?

Immunity harnesses the full power that Echinacea purpurea has to offer, by utilising the whole plant - root, stem and leaf. In marked contrast to this, products using alcoholic and aqueous extracts supply only a fraction of the full range of immune-supporting nutrients available, and are inferior as a result. The inclusion of Kelp in Immunity, in a manner unique to Vince the Vet, further enhances immune system support.

To prevent your dog or cat being Immunity-Deficient start supplementing today.