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Ziba has bilateral hip dysplasia and a back leg deformed by an injury sustained early on in life. Two years ago she was scheduled to have hip replacement surgery, but the operation was postponed because a dermatitis developed which the surgeon wanted cleared up before proceeding. We were asked to help as all attempts to improve the incredibly scurfy skin had failed.

Always with an eye to treating the whole pet, we wanted her diet to not only support a healthy skin, but to also provide a rich supply of joint lubricating, and musculoskeletal strengthening nutrients to maintain maximum mobility. And so Ziba was transitioned to raw, and supplements introduced to provide the body's self-repair mechanisms with the building blocks it needs to form healthy skin, joints, muscles and bones.

Ziba took to her new diet with gusto and over the next several months made excellent progress:

"We went for a walk on the airfield this afternoon and the heavens opened. I was returned to the car being hauled along by a 'husky' - unfortunately without the sled! Her back legs have regained all the strength she had and more! She also does not show signs of stiffness after exercise which she did previously. This is all good news including her coat still being softer as previously reported."

Peter (October 2020)


"Ziba's coat and skin continue to improve. Her coat is now glossy all over and is thick and difficult to expose her skin anyway, all of which is good news.

Although Rita and I have known for a long time with respect to humans that "you are what you eat" is very true, the effect on Ziba of your feeding and supplement regime has been incredible! Can we proceed with the next phase of the plan."

Peter (December 2020)

To date, Ziba, now six and a half years old, remains full of beans, active, and with a great skin and glossy coat! Plus, all thoughts of hip surgery have been abandoned, as her mobility is so good. A wonderful reminder that with the right nutrition, the body is capable of great things, which not infrequently exceeds all expectations.

June 2024

Ziba continues to do well, living an active life!

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