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Supporting liver health in dogs on long-term medication is crucial for several reasons:

1. Detoxification:

The liver bears the brunt of breaking down and eliminating drugs and toxins from the body. If its ability to process these substances becomes compromised, the risk of drug toxicity or damage caused by the accumulation of environmental or dietary chemicals in the body is increased. 

2. Prevention of liver damage:

Many drugs can be hepatotoxic - meaning they have the potential to injure or kill liver cells. And if this continues for any length of time, liver function can become severely affected, especially in sensitive pets. 

Supporting hepatic health, helps to minimise the risk of this occurring.

3. Preservation of essential functions:

Beside metabolising drugs and neutralising toxins, the liver has numerous other vital functions.

These include protein production, storing vitamins and minerals, producing enzymes and bile for digestion, and regulating many aspects of metabolism. 

Liver support helps to maintain these critical functions. 

4. Aiding recovery:

If the liver is mildly damaged or stressed as a result of medication or injury caused by other means, natural support can help the organ regenerate and repair itself.

5. Reduction of side effects:

Liver dysfunction can lead to the build up of drug metabolites in the body, which can be harmful to health. Supporting the liver's detoxification and cleansing mechanisms, reduces the likelihood of this occurring. 

7. Enhanced quality of life:

Chronic liver issues can significantly impact health, energy and well-being. Maintaining a healthy liver, helps pets remain active and energised for longer. 

8. Holistic health:

Normal, healthy liver function, has a ripple effect on many other organs in the body and overall well-being. 

Hepatic disease can give rise to poor digestion, decreased energy levels, a weakened immune system and many other issues. By nourishing the liver, whole body health is also supported.

Given the central role of the liver in overall health and its interaction with medications, it's vital to support liver health in dogs - especially those on long-term medications.

To do this, give 2 - 3 drops of Heart plus Liver Support as directed. 

For even greater benefits, combine with Vitality.

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