Care for your pet like Vince the Vet

From Preparing for the worst to gobsmacked at the transformation in 7 days!

"Darcy's pet parents came in today with a very happy and bouncy girl!

They are gobsmacked at the transformation in just 7 days on Joints.

This time last week they were preparing to let Darcy go after the vet made them fear the worst. Thankfully the thyroid blood tests were normal.

As you can see Darcy now has the spring back in her trot and they’re struggling to keep up with her rather than having to encourage her to move!

As soon as she came in today and saw me, she wagged her tail and leaped forwards! Last week she was so sad and totally disengaged. Her head is also up more and her ears aren’t pinned to her head.

They said they have their “puppy” back, and it’s like she’s had a personality transplant!"


Holistic Canine Centre Cardiff