Care for your pet like Vince the Vet


A common complaint from many of the pet parents we speak to, is that no warnings were given about any potential health problems that might arise as a consequence of the medication prescribed (this includes flea and worming products. 

This is understandable to some degree, as vets obviously want to provide a solution for the health issue at hand, and so tend to focus on the benefits of the treatment provided, rather than dwell on any potential problems this may create. As pet parent however, being unaware of the possible downside of any drugs used, is not the best position to be in - especially if you want be proactive about your pet’s care, and make well-informed decisions on their behalf. 

And not only this, if an adverse reaction does occur, to find out that this could have been avoided by using another form of medication or going down a natural support route instead, can be extremely upsetting - especially if the side effects that have arisen are severe.

For this reason, we've produced a FREE (for a limited period) video guide and ebook to show you how to check any veterinary medication your vet plans to give to your dog or cat… and also if your vet is prescribing responsibly.

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