Care for your pet like Vince the Vet

Cancer, IBD for 3 years, 2 hip replacements - and yet Linus is still happy! Why?

'Linus is still a happy dog and very much himself - although the tumour in the toe is definitely re-growing.

We haven't got much further yet increasing his supplements - but he's eating them with relish.

The big advance, is that we are no longer feeding Royal Canin Low Fat GI - he is now only on your raw chicken plus some cooked chicken!

We are delighted with this, and can't believe we've been able to reduce, let alone eliminate, the GI. Linus is loving his raw food! It also means no more problems giving tablets either!

Before starting your remedies and supplements, we could only dream of being able to feed him "real" food, so to say we are over the moon and hugely grateful is an understatement.

We cannot thank you enough!'


Supplementation with Health Promote Max and Mobility, plus several remedies, is the reason why - despite the health challenges faced, and all that Linus has been through - his well-being remains as good as it is.

Unique Benefits 

The combination of Digestion, Vitality, Immunity and Joints:

  • supports optimum health in every organ, tissue and cell in the body
  • provides nutrients known to enhance mood, behaviour and quality of life
  • supplies life-changing nourishment in a 100% natural (NO 'hidden' chemical additives whatsoever), easy to digest and assimilate form
  • have proven to be effective in thousands of pets for more than 25 years, in clinical veterinary practice