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Bella - no more lip smacking, acid reflux or upset bowels...

Bella - no more lip smacking, acid reflux or upset bowels... from Vince the Vet on Vimeo.

"Hi Vince the Vet,

All going very well with Bella’s now calmed down inflamed  bowels.

Full raw diet started 24/4/21, after several weeks building up to feeding 100% raw.

Bella is enjoying her food, has good poos, the reflux is virtually nil & there's no limping!

I can’t remember last time I heard her bowels rumbling away. 

No more evening lip smacking either. It’s a great relief this has been so successfully helped."

Summary of Bella's regime

The steps below were taken at intervals of 2-3 weeks.

Going slowly, and making one change at a time is important when any health problems are present, but especially so when a pet has food sensitivities and / or recurrent digestive disturbances (Bella had previously been diagnosed with IBD - Inflammatory Bowel Disease). This helps to avoid overloading the body, and also confirms whether the raw, supplements and remedies used suit a particular dog or cat, and are beneficial to give long-term.

  1.  Vince the Vet Single Protein Raw Turkey with Turkey Offal and Stomach and Bowel Support.
  2.  Digestion and Bio-Kult.
  3.  Vitality
  4.  Joints

Adding a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids will come next, to provide further support to the body's natural anti-inflammatory pathways. This will also ensure Bella is being fed a complete, balanced diet, which meets her nutritional needs perfectly, and supports optimum health.