Care for your pet like Vince the Vet

4 dogs 2 humans and pea. What remarkable changes might you and yours see?

I’ve been keeping the monitoring record for the PEA. We have had 4 of the 5 dogs on it now for 4 weeks and already seen a difference!

The 2 younger dogs aren’t lame or itchy but show some occasional stiffness, so this alongside your regular supplements is more about complete nutrition and best health possible. They appear much more relaxed, especially Mister who is a work in progress for severe fear responses to strangers and other dogs. The time period between a trigger and his reaction has grown, as well as a reduction in the levels of his reaction. Hard to quantify these things as there’s obviously many variables but we’ve had visitors to the house which would normally cause him great anxiety, displayed by intense barking plus inappropriate chewing. And whilst uncomfortable, he has allowed them to pass by his gate without any reaction.

The massive physical differences have been in Bear and Wally. 

Bear is a large but slim 74 kg dog, but at 3 years of age has starting showing a roll on his rear left hip and intermittent lameness, worse on getting up. It’s a real concern, especially with a big dog. But! 4 weeks in and we see him get up without an issue - probably 80-90% of the time. Before we started the PEA it was every time. He’s also not limping on walks. Before, after about 30 minutes we could see his gait change, now he’s more balanced and stable. Really excited to see what happens in the next few weeks!

Wally is a 10 year old bulldog who had quite severe lameness, limping after a 10 minute potter and who has always suffered with itchy skin and ears. We have had to clean his skin folds daily for literally all his life - more if he finds some chicken poo full of grain!

We have seen an incredible difference!

He literally runs across the garden, is more alert and interested in playing. You’ve unleashed a bit of a beast as we are finding him much more vocal about life (in the best way), and upstairs in our bathroom - somewhere he couldn’t get to as we have narrow steep stairs. 

As Wally is older AND a bulldog , it’s so easy to dismiss lots of sleeping and inactivity as just being old but we see a younger dog.

I have cleaned his face once in the last 3 weeks, he has lost the red / brown yeasty stains. 

His feet have improved. He has a bit of a habit (of licking the paws) more than them itching I think, but if we ask him to stop he does now!! 

His ears are so much better too. We used to have to revert to Piriton often as they became unbearable for him. I’ve not used in 3 weeks. 

Also, Phil and I are on it.

Phil has a weak disc and a painful knee caused by years of kneeling at work. Both have improved massively. He made a me a pig shelter last week and was kneeling for around 3 hours, with no pain! 

I have a degree of hypermobility which causes me joint pain, especially in the pelvis and lower back, sometimes disturbing my sleep. It has literally gone.

I am also more relaxed now general. I have Hashimoto's which is an inflammatory condition. My thyroid health is much more stable, especially as I’ve just changed to a new NDT which normally sends me careering off in all sorts of directions. Whilst I know the new meds have helped, I also believe the PEA is supporting, especially my gut health. 

We’ve had a lot of stressy things recently but we both seem to have coped better, I can’t prove it’s related but I believe it is."