Intestinal & Lungworm Kit x2 Combined plus Natural Worm Control

    • instruction sheet
    • everything needed to submit the required stool samples to the lab 
    • a postage paid mailing box which can be posted into the nearest pillar box
    • screening for all common intestinal worms and lungworm
    • examination for undigested food particles, plus high levels of oils or fats, which can indicate dietary or early digestive problems
    • FREE email veterinary guidance if any of the results are positive (value £48)
    • Toxocara canis (Ascarid)
    • Toxascaris leonina (Ascarid)
    • Uncinaria stenocephala (Hookworm)
    • Ancylostoma caninum (Hookworm)
    • Trichuris vulpis (Whipworm)
    • Spirocerca lupi (Oesophageal worm)
    • Dipylidium caninum (Tapeworm)
    • Taenia pisiformis (Tapeworm)
    • Echinococcus granulosus (Tapeworm)
    • Echinococcus multiocularis (Tapeworm)
    • Mesocestoides (Tapeworm)
    • Cystoisospora (Coccidia)
    • Angiostrongylus vasorum (lungworm / heartworm - dog)
    • Oslerus osleri (lungworm - dog)
    • Capillaria aerophila (lungworm - cat)
    • Aelurostrongylus abstrusus (lungworm - cat)


    • Undigested Lipids - Fat
    • Undigested Lipids - Oil
    • Microscopic, non-specific food particles
    • Other artefacts

Intestinal & Lungworm Kit x2 Combined plus Natural Worm Control

Regular stool screening every 3 months is an essential part of every pet's health care regime.

This professionally designed, veterinary approved kit:

  • enables parasitic worm infections to be detected in the early stages, before significant damage occurs in the bowels, lungs and elsewhere in the body
  • confirms whether the wormers being used or natural worm control programme in place is working


1 x 50ml bottle of INTESTINAL CLEANSE liquid remedy

1 x 50ml bottle of ORGAN CLEANSE liquid remedy

  • unique Veterinary Formula remedies developed over 25 years
  • proven in clinical veterinary practice
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • specially formulated to help the body naturally resist infection with intestinal worms, and to aid the elimination of chemicals, toxins and waste products from the bowels and internal organs

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Intestinal & Lungworm Kit x2 Combined plus Natural Worm Control

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