Why us?

What you and your pet get with Vince the Vet® simply isn't available anywhere else.

Everything we offer has one goal - improving the quality of your pet's life as much as possible.

And as we're specialists in holistic veterinary pet care, this means providing the highest quality health-enhancing supplements, raw food and other holistic health products - all backed by expert advice.

We can do this for you and your pet, thanks to the tens of thousands of dogs and cats Vince has treated over the last 30+ years, who have proven which dietary enhancements and natural remedies promote health most effectively.

This unique level of experience also allows us to offer:

  • medical history reviews
  • individualised feeding plans
  • consultations
  • expert veterinary advice on a wide range of health topics from both conventional and holistic perspectives

And this complete package of holistic dog and cat products and care, simply isn't available elsewhere.

To learn more about how we can improve your pet's life, contact us directly on 0800 6893859 / 0740 366 3263; send an email to info@vincethevet.co.uk or call in and ask for a product brochure from one of our growing team of stockists.

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