Rescue Dog Support


    The first 12 months of life, and especially 6 to 12 weeks of age, is an extremely important developmental period in a puppy's life.

    During this time the foundation of many behavioural patterns are laid down which will greatly influence how the adult dog will react to the world around them, including:

    • the sights, sounds and smells of modern day life
    • the environment (buses, bikes, vacuum cleaners, unfamiliar objects and locations)
    • new situations and activities
    • children, adults and other animals

    If a young dog experiences positive interactions in a wide range of circumstances, a confident, self-assured, well-mannered dog is often the result. 

    If on the other hand, a puppy, has little or no exposure to many of the things he or she will encounter in the outside world, or suffers the loss of a close human / animal companion / their home, an anxious, easily stressed, depressed   fearful and / or reactive dog is the more likely outcome.

    And once these and similar behaviours become established, they can be very difficult to overcome.



    • calm fight / flight reactions
    • relieve anxiety and stress
    • reduce sensitivity to triggers
    • facilitate socialisation and reintegration into the world

    Used daily for long enough, alongside positive, reward based reconditioning exercises, they are highly effective in helping dogs develop new, healthier patterns of behaviour.


    For long-standing or severe problems the remedies typically need to be continued for 3-6 months or more, until improvements become firmly established.

Rescue Dog Support

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1 x 50ml bottle of GRIEF RELIEF liquid remedy

1 x 50ml bottle of FEARS AND ANXIETIES liquid remedy

  • unique Veterinary Formula remedies developed over 25 years
  • proven in clinical veterinary practice
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • specially formulated to help dogs with traumatic backgrounds feel safe in the world, and learn how to socialise and form healthy relationships with people and other animals


  • anxiety / reactivity
  • timid or withdrawn behaviour
  • desire to run away or isolate
  • sadness / depression
  • avoidance of interactions
  • difficulty socialising 
  • reluctance to make contact or accept affection
  • fear of being approached or touched
  • unwillingness or inability to form bonds with new human and animal family members

Rescue Dog Support

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Previous Questions

Q: I have very recently started using the digestive drops and I have come back to get some more and some other ranges but I am very confused as I can’t see any drops and the alternative products - I can’t tell are they powder or pills? My dogs are very fussy with both so I was hoping to get drops.

Hi Jane, all the remedies are in liquid form.

These are supplied in 50ml dropper bottles, so that a few drops can simply be added to food as directed.

The supplements are all powders, and are supplied in small and large tubs of the specified weight in grams. The appropriate amount can be mixed into any wet meals.

If you scroll down to the heading 'THE DETAILS' on the left hand side of each product page, and click on the + to expand the hidden panel, the information about the make up of each supplement or remedy can be found there.

The details



    Give 2-3 drops of both remedies 3 times daily, by gently dabbing on the outside of the lips with a clean finger.

    Alternatively, add to a morsel of food. 

    Also sprinkle a few drops daily on bedding, toys, in sleeping areas and in places your pet likes to go when feeling anxious or insecure.

    Use as long as necessary, alongside positive, reward based training until the desired patterns of behaviour are firmly in place.

    Can be used indefinitely.



    Spring water and alcohol (25%) plus extracts of St John's wort, Gold, Capsicum and Silica.


    Spring water and alcohol (25%) plus extracts of Avena sativa, Passiflora, Valeriana officinalis and Yellow jessamine.


    Store in a cool, dark place away from strong odours.

    Keep out of sight and reach of children.

    To be used as a dietary supplement and not as a substitute for appropriate veterinary care where necessary.


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