Within a Few Days All of Eric's Strange Symptoms Had Disappeared...

Within a Few Days All of Eric's Strange Symptoms Had Disappeared...


"Our Vet has prescribed treatment for the lungworm detected, and I am very pleased to say that within a couple of days of taking it, all of the strange symptoms that he has been experiencing over the last few weeks have disappeared - lethargy, depression, weakness in the back legs and diarrhoea - and he is back to his bouncy old self!



I am so pleased that I went through the test process with you (Worm Count and Lungworm Kit Combined*), as it was the only thing that our vet hadn’t done, and it was a box that needed ticking!"



A Word On Intestinal Worms and Lungworm

It is so important to be aware of the debilitating effect that infection with parasitic worms can have on health - and this often manifests in ways that don't immediately suggest that they might be the cause.

(When I was a young lad, we had a greyhound who developed bald patches and skin eruptions whenever he picked up a tapeworm, and yet there were rarely any other signs of infection.)

For this reason, any pet with chronic or recurrent disease should be screened for worms.

And even if the results are clear, it is advisable to repeat stool analysis every 3 months to pick up an early infection, before too much damage occurs.

This is far safer a than using chemical wormers unnecessarily, as most are nerve poisons which can have serious (and sometimes fatal) side effects in sensitive pets.

See pet owners experiences with Bravecto and Nexgard.

Also an FDA warning on flea and tick products.


Natural Worm Control

An effective way to minimise the risk of infection with worms without the use of drugs, is to:

1. Maintain a healthy intestinal environment which is inhospitable to parasites, by giving Intestinal Cleanse twice daily for the first week in every month.

2.Prevent your dog:

i)    Eating, sniffing or licking faeces.

ii)    Swallowing rodents, rabbits, hares, slugs, snails, birds and earthworms.

iii)    Drinking water, eating grass or playing with toys contaminated with slug or snail slime.

iv)    Picking up and ingesting fleas. 

*Includes FREE expert veterinary advice if any of the results are positive.

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