Vince the Vet Worm Screening Compared To Wormcount and Vets

Vince the Vet Worm Screening Compared To Wormcount and Vets


It's no secret we use Wormcount to analyse the stools samples submitted using our kits - their address after all is on every return box.

And we use them because we believe they are the best at what they do - analysing poo!

What they can't do however (and are not allowed to by law) is diagnose the reason for abnormal test results. 

There is a very important reason for this.

Veterinary expertise is required to determine the significance of positive readings, and the best course of action to take to protect the health of affected pets.

A high fat level for example, may indicate a digestive problem such as a bacterial overgrowth, or early inflammation of the bowels.

There may be a pancreatic disturbance which is yet to surface, or sludging of bile in the liver - which is often a prelude to the formation of stones.

An intestinal tumour also has to be considered or age-related changes in the gastrointestinal system may be the cause.

In many cases an unbalanced diet is a contributory factor.

These and other possibilities need to be considered carefully, to accurately determine the underlying cause and what steps need to be taken next, to ensure the best outcome for a pet. That's why, whenever anything abnormal appears in the faecal analysis report, we supply a detailed questionnaire to ascertain the most likely cause, and advise on the best way forward.

And how much extra does this veterinary expertise cost?

Buying the combined worm count and lungworm kit from Wormcount costs £29.80 and then the customer pays around £1 for posting the sample back to the lab, giving a total of £30.80.

The RRP for the Vince the Vet Combined Kit is £39.40. And so there is a difference of just £8.60. (Less if this multipack is purchased). This includes a postage paid box to send the stool sample to the lab, which can be placed in any pillar box.

For this, there is not only the peace of mind of knowing professional veterinary advice is freely available if needs be, but that guidance will also be provided on safe, natural and effective alternatives to drugs, where this is possible.

If on the other hand the Wormcount service is used direct, and positive result needs to be discussed with a vet, it is common for a normal consultation fee to be charged.   

And there are also vets who charge £120 for providing the same stool analysis and advice as above!

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