Tackling Chronic Allergic Skin Disease Naturally

Tackling Chronic Allergic Skin Disease Naturally



6 1/2 year old Millie has suffered from chronic skin disease for 5+ years, and her owner has tried everything.




Mille - March 20202


Despite exhaustive investigations and the many drugs prescribed however (including Piriton, prednisolone, Atopica, Cytopoint and numerous others), plus immunotherapy, many supplements and a raw diet, her condition during this time got progressively worse.

In desperation Millie's Mum contacted us 7 weeks ago and booked Full Natural Veterinary Support.

(For less severe health problems Targeted Nutritional Support is an option. A FREE Precision Nutrition Diet is available for dogs and cats who either have minor conditions, or where optimum health is the goal.)

Following a review of all Millie's medical records, we provided an individually tailored raw food diet.

The first step involved switching to our single protein Turkey with Turkey Offal Raw, followed by the phased introduction of Immunity, Vitality and an individualised remedy.

There is a very long road ahead, given the scale of Millie's allergies, and the severity of the skin changes that have occurred, but there are promising signs already in the:

  • new hair growth
  • lightening of pigmentation (a reflection of chronic inflammation)
  • cooling of the skin in many places
  • improving body condition
  • reduced itching



Millie - May 2020

Over the coming weeks, additional nutritional support will be provided to further support healthier and more balanced immune system function. And we will post again to show what impact this has had. 


Update 20-06-2020

Further progress!


Continuing with Vince the Vet raw Turkey, Vitality, Fears and Anxieties and an individualised remedy.

  • more new hair growth
  • lightening of pigmentation
  • less inflammation
  • 60% reduction in itching since the start

Millie may be reactive to Grizzly Salmon Oil, and so were hanging fire on reintroducing it just yet, preferring to add pure, organic, virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil to help the skin become more supple, and to also provide a non-protein source of calories to support body condition. 


Update 26-07-2020

Progressing nicely.





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