Time To Spring Clean Your Pet

Time To Spring Clean Your Pet


Dogs and cats today, are exposed to an eye-watering number of toxic substances daily, which can damage internal organs and harm health in many different ways.


The scale of the problem

There are literally tens of thousands of chemicals used in the home, industries, agriculture and food production, with the number increasing by 2000 new compounds per year (The Natural Environment Research Council).

These include:

  • pesticide resides and chemical additives in food 
  • herbicides on pavements, in parks and on fields
  • poisons in products used in and around the home
  • nerve toxins and similar compounds used in tick, flea and worming products
  • hormones, antibiotics and other drugs employed in meat production
  • industrial waste and petrochemicals virtually everywhere



Many environmental and dietary chemicals have been linked to a wide range of health problems, such as:

  • corruption of DNA (which increases the risk of cancer)
  • destruction of healthy gut flora (disturbing digestion and the immune system)
  • disruption of the bone marrow (which can lead to bleeding disorders and reduce resistance to infections)
  • inflammation of the bowels (as in Inflammatory Bowel Disease, for example)
  • disturbance of the immune system (resulting in neurological signs such as muscle weakness, incoordination, tremors and fits)
  • damage to major organs (especially the liver, kidneys and bowels)
  • abnormal hormone production and / or regulation
  • weakening of the immune system


The risk is higher in pets

The harmful effect of environmental chemicals is magnified in dogs and cats because of their relatively small size, and the swallowing of substances that collect on paws, fur and skin during self-grooming.

Regular use of toxic drugs used to kill worms fleas, ticks and mites, are particularly likely to harm health over time.  


'Spring Cleaning'

If a pet is to live as long and as happy a life as they can, it is vitally important that their internal organs remain as healthy as possible.

Unfortunately, given the large number of environmental and dietary chemicals faced by most dogs and cats every day, a great strain is placed on the body's ability to break down and eliminate these substances, to minimise the damage they can cause. This burden largely falls on the main organs of detoxification (the liver, kidneys, bowels and skin).

Regular cleansing is therefore, important to:

  • support the normal, healthy functioning of internal organs (the liver, kidneys, bowels and skin in particular) for as long as possible
  • prevent the build up of toxins in the body
  • minimise the risks posed by toxic chemicals
  • maintain overall health and well-being

A simple, gentle, natural and effective cleansing regime, is to give the following Pet Remedies as described:



Intestinal Cleanse

Give several drops twice daily for 7 days, and also add to your pet's drinking water each day during this period.

Repeat for the first week in every month.

A small amount of freshly ground, organic pumpkin seeds can be added to meals at the same time (half a teaspoon per 10kg bodyweight twice daily). This enhances the cleansing effect. 


Organ Cleanse

Give several drops twice daily for 7 - 10 days, and also add to your pet's drinking water each day during this period.

It is best to leave a 1 week interval between the last dose of Intestinal Cleanse and the first dose of Organ Cleanse.

Repeat every 2 to 3 months.



A Chemically Clean Holistic Health Care Regime

Most environmental chemicals are impossible to avoid - they are quite literally everywhere.

It is possible however, to prevent contact with some of the most toxic substances by:

  1. Feeding a fresh, additive-free, natural diet, in preference to highly processed and adulterated pet food. 
  2. Avoiding non-organic fruits and vegetables, which are notoriously high in pesticide residues.
  3. Testing for parasitic worms instead of worming 'blind' unnecessarily.
  4. Using natural flea and worming products in place of tablets and drops applied to the skin / fur containing nerve poisons and other toxic compounds

More information on a holistic approach can be found here.












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