Settling in a New Pet

Settling in a New Pet


The unfamiliarity of a new home, plus being separated from Mum and litter mates for the first time, is often an unsettling and stressful experience for many puppies and kittens.

Providing a safe, secure, loving environment, along with the right reassurance and natural relief of anxiety during this time:

1.  Helps to prevent separation anxiety or other fears developing and becoming long term problems.

2.  Facilitates bonding with new family members (both people and other pets).

Travel Anxiety is a clinically proven blend of botanical extracts, which naturally calms and relieves stress, especially when this involves  a change of environment.

Sprinkled on bedding and given to a puppy or kitten for the first few weeks in a new home, the remedy is an invaluable aid to help them settle in as quickly as possible.

If anxiety or lack of confidence persists after this initial period, giving Fears and Anxieties in conjunction with positive, reward based reconditioning exercises is the next step. 

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