Separation Anxiety?

Separation Anxiety?


This is a very common condition, affecting many pets.

A combination of Fears and Anxieties, plus reconditioning exercises aimed at helping a pet feel more relaxed, secure and less stressed when being left, is effective for separation anxiety in many cases.

One approach that often works well, is as follows:

  1. Using a clean finger, gently dab a drop of Fears and Anxieties on the lips and a paw. Also stir a few drops into your pet’s drinking water. For added support, sprinkle several drops on bedding and in areas where your pet likes to go when feeling insecure.
  2. Leave the house and while standing outside (out of view but within earshot), time how long it takes before any barking / whining / distress begins (this can also be done using a webcam).
  3. Next, practice leaving and returning home before your pet becomes upset and gently praise calm behaviour. Do this several times daily (more often if possible). After a week or so, slowly begin increasing the time your pet is left (as long as they remain relaxed).
  4. Continue the remedy and the above steps for as long as necessary, until being left alone is no longer stressful.


It is important when helping a pet with separation anxiety not to inadvertently trigger or heighten fight / flight responses by making a fuss of them when leaving, or creating a lot of excitement upon return. Keeping everything low key and relaxed at these times, helps a pet remain calm about such events.

Equally important is patience, repetition of reassurance and time, as depending on the underlying cause, it can take some pets 6 months or more to overcome the fear of being left alone.

Fears and Anxieties is not a drug or a 'quick fix.'

By naturally reducing stress levels and reactivity to triggers however, it is a valuable tool for helping anxious, timid or reactive pets become more receptive to the establishment of new, healthier patterns of being in the world.


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