Rescue Pet?

Rescue Pet?


Many pets who are rescued have had to live through hard and frequently very stressful times. This quite naturally in most cases results in persistent anxiety, insecurity and stress. Key to helping these pets live a healthier happier life, is calming heightened fight / flight reactions so they become receptive to positive experiences which help them to feel safe in the world, and trust the people and other animals in it.

Netty, is the perfect example of this.

Found tied to a railway line, she was taken in by the RSPCA and 2 weeks later gave birth to 5 puppies. Netty was so emaciated however, no-one had suspected she was pregnant. Sadly, one of the puppies died. 

A part of one ear was also missing, her coat looked dreadful and she was fraught with worry and fear. Everything spooked her. 

She then found her way to German Shepherd Rescue Elite, before landing several weeks later at her new 'foster home' (then forever home) with Chay.


Building A New Life

"Me and Netty started training 8 weeks ago, just to get more of an understanding of each other and I needed a little help with how to help her say hello to other dogs without jumping on them and also that not all humans will hurt her. She was still a little worried around new people. 

Never in a million years did I expect to PASS the bronze good citizenship award! WOW! 

Netty passed with flying colours this evening. To say I am proud is an understatement! My eyes might have leaked a little bit!

We have been using your Fears and Anxieties remedy and I truly believe this has really helped.

Netty wouldn't even sit 7 weeks ago let alone let strangers stroke her. So to progress in such a short space of time is absolutely incredible! She now enjoys a fuss from other dog walkers and she has learnt some doggy manners as well. She does love other dogs, just a little over the top sometimes! 

She's also enjoying your raw Chicken and Turkey mix with the max supplements as well and she is thriving!

She smashed it tonight. We start training for our silver award next week! 

Will keep you posted how we go!"




Fear and Anxiety is Common in Pets

Many dogs and cats suffer from some form of anxiety or stress, whether this be a sensitivity to loud noises or bangs (such as Thunder or Fireworks), a fear of being left alone or the approach of strangers or other animals. 

Fears and Anxieties accompanied by reward based reconditioning exercises where necessary, can help these pets too, live healthier happier lives.

More information on this can be found here:

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