The Importance of Releasing Past Traumas

The Importance of Releasing Past Traumas



Netty was found tied to a railway line (hence the name - a reference to Network Rail), and was taken in by the RSPCA. Two weeks later she gave birth to 5 puppies, but was so emaciated no-one had suspected she was pregnant. Sadly, one of the puppies died.

A part of her ear was also missing for some reason, plus her coat was in appalling condition. Mentally she was in a very sorry state too, and looked fraught with worry and fear. Everything spooked her. 

She then found her way to German Shepherd Rescue Elite, before landing several weeks later at her new 'foster home' where, not surprisingly knowing Chayley, Netty will now remain for good!



The Ill-Effects of Past Traumas

Left unresolved, the emotional impact of distressing experiences remain locked in the psyche where (like a splinter lodged in the body) they remain painful and continue to cause harm. In many cases, this results in a constant state of arousal of the body's fight or flight mechanisms. The world as a consequence feels a very unsafe to be.

Dogs and cats affected by past traumas in this way, are often frightened by sudden movements or sounds, and anything new (when encountering a 'strange' object for example, or an unfamiliar person or animal) and can become highly reactive as a way of protecting themselves against potential harm. Some pets become introverted, sad or depressed and remain reluctant to come out of their 'shell' or trust anything or anyone again. Others resort to self-trauma as a means of distraction, or develop health problems brought on by chronic stress and the suppressive effect this has on the immune system and the body's natural defence mechanisms (by way of abnormally raised blood cortisol and adrenaline levels).

This can manifests as:

  • recurrent or chronic skin disease
  • digestive disturbances, such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • an unhealthy gut flora population 
  • hypersensitivity to environmental and / or dietary allergens
  • a lowered resistance to infections
  • an increased risk of cancer 

Given the wide range of problems that can stem from past traumas and the ongoing stress they create in both body and mind, it is important to aid their release whenever possible, and to put other measures in place to promote psychological and emotional well-being and maintain optimum physical health.


A Healing Regime

The following steps have proven successful in helping many dogs and cats overcome painful experiences, and go on to live much healthier and happier lives than they would otherwise have had. 

It's important to bear in mind here, that fears and anxieties can arise not only from deep seated memories, but from genetic traits passed on from one generation to the other. Because they are so ingrained, these can be  much harder to influence. With patience and perseverance however, these too can be reduced in intensity.

  1.  Create a safe, secure and loving environment.
  2. Reward calm and unreactive behaviours (loving contact and praise can be more effective than treats for many pets). If you are unsure how best to do this, seek the help of a qualified trainer.
  3. Give Fears and Anxieties twice daily for 6 - 8 weeks (longer if necessary) to support the gentle, natural release of stress associated with past traumas, and to gradually reduce sensitivity to known triggers.
  4. Feed fresh, nutritious, natural food as much as possible and supplement with concentrated sources of health-empowering nutrients. In an age of intensive farming and a rapid decline in the nutrient content of many foods, the positive impact of supplementation on the mental and physical health of dogs and cats cannot be underestimated.  



Netty Now

In Chayley's (Netty's new Mum) words:

"We have been using your Fears and Anxieties remedy and after 6 weeks (not a long time really considering how bad she was) I can now Hoover and dry my hair without her freaking out and running away to hide. 

It's not been very nice to see her like this, but I truly feel your remedy has helped her to just relax and she is becoming a new dog!

She is so confident outside the house! She just loves being out and about. We took her to the beach over Christmas and she just had the best time! She was off lead chasing the other dogs and even had a dip in the sea! 

She is slowly putting weight on and her coat is looking and feeling fabulous. She is having all your supplements as well as your raw Chicken with Chicken Offal, so these have also helped with her recovery. 

I have attached a few photos for you. I hope they show a different dog to the first photo you saw!"



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