Pets Most In Need Of Cleansing 1 - Is Your Cat or Dog on Medication?

Pets Most In Need Of Cleansing 1 - Is Your Cat or Dog on Medication?


As far as the body is concerned, most medications are poisons which need to be broken down by the liver and eliminated by the kidneys, bowels and sometimes skin, as quickly as possible before they cause any damage.

If this is to be done efficiently, the organs of detoxification need to remain as healthy as possible to prevent drugs accumulating in the body, and to minimise the risk of any side effects.

These commonly include:

  • vomiting and diarrhoea
  • allergic reactions (which can be life threatening)
  • skin eruptions, inflammation, irritation and swellings
  • neurological signs (twitching, incoordination, muscular weakness and seizures)
  • lack of appetite
  • lethargy or weakness
  • gastrointestinal ulcers and / or inflammation
  • liver and / or kidney damage


Pets At An Even Higher Risk

Supporting the organs of detoxification in dogs and cats on medication, is especially important:

  • in older pets (as the liver, kidneys and bowels tend to function less efficiently as they age)
  • when more than one drug is being given
  • if disease is present (such as liver, kidney, bowel or skin disease)
  • the immune system is weakened or disturbed 
  • for small dogs and cats (because of their body size)
  • when drugs are being given long term


Regular Cleansing Helps

Supporting the body's ability to tolerate drugs not only reduces the risk of side effects, it also helps to maintain healthy internal organs (the liver, kidneys, bowels and skin in particular).

A safe, natural and effective way of doing this is to use Intestinal Cleanse and Organ Cleanse as follows:



Intestinal Cleanse

Give several drops twice daily for 7 days, and also add to your pet's drinking water each day during this period.

Repeat for the first week in every month.

A small amount of freshly ground, organic pumpkin seeds can be added to meals at the same time (half a teaspoon per 10kg bodyweight twice daily). This enhances the cleansing effect. 


Organ Cleanse

Give several drops twice daily for 7 - 10 days, and also add to your pet's drinking water each day during this period.

It is best to leave a 1 week interval between the last dose of Intestinal Cleanse and the first dose of Organ Cleanse.

Repeat every 2 to 3 months.

For more information on the need for a regular holistic cleansing regime see 'Time To Spring Clean Your Pet'.


A Chemically Clean Holistic Health Care Regime

Most environmental chemicals are impossible to avoid - they are quite literally everywhere.

It is possible however, to prevent contact with some of the most toxic substances by:

  1. Feeding a fresh, additive-free, natural diet, in preference to highly processed and adulterated pet food. 
  2. Avoiding non-organic fruits and vegetables, which are notoriously high in pesticide residues.
  3. Testing for parasitic worms instead of worming 'blind' unnecessarily.
  4. Using natural flea and worming products in place of tablets and drops applied to the skin / fur containing nerve poisons and other toxic compounds

More information on a holistic approach can be found here.


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