Facing Euthanasia - The Birth Of Pet Remedies

Facing Euthanasia - The Birth Of Pet Remedies


Facing Euthanasia

Nearly 20 years ago, Yushi waddled into the clinic in a terrible state. Large, hairless patches of beetroot-coloured skin covered most of his trunk. The underside of his abdomen was as thick as leather, corrugated and black. ­Incredibly itchy red spots peppered his feet, face and ears. And the smell of rancid fat hung thick in the air around him, like a fog.

To cut a long story short, Yuhi had been treated extensively with conventional drugs for a long time. This included repeated courses of antibiotics, higher and higher doses of immunosuppressive drugs (steroids), plus a wide range of shampoos, washes and creams - all to no avail. With no conventional avenue left to explore at that time, a local vet had advised euthanasia. In desperation Jenny (Yushi's Mum) contacted the RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) and they has referred her to us for an alternative approach.

Over the next 6 months, Yushi’s diet was overhauled; a mixture of plants, whole foods and natural extracts were prescribed along with various natural remedies which were to be administered at regular intervals. The aim was to stimulate the body's natural healing mechanisms to function at a healthier level, rather than ­remain in the badly deranged state they were in.

It’s impossible to anticipate what is going to happen when setting out to help a pet in such a dreadful ­condition, but despite all the odds being against him, Yushi began to show signs of improvement within a few weeks. ­Encouraged by his resilience, and these early ­glimmers of hope, we persevered with his treatment.

Over the next 9 months Yushi was gradually weaned off all his drugs, his hair regrew, and the intolerable itching became the odd scratch. Needless to say Yushi’s life was transformed, and he went on to live the next 10 years as a very healthy, happy boy!


What Made Such a Difference?

There were 4 parts to the holistic care that resulted in Yushi's remarkable turnaround (and the same approach has helped thousands more pets like him since). These were as follows:


Yushi was immediately switched from processed pet food to a fresh food diet, rich in meat. Once we were sure which animal protein suited him best, additional nutrient dense foods were added one at a time to ensure each was of benefit, and did not provoke or aggravate skin inflammation.

Vegetables and fruits were excluded to avoid exposure to pesticide residues.

All commercial treats were stopped to eliminate chemical additives.



Combinations of a variety of selected whole foods were added to Yushi's diet to:

  • help reduce inflammation in the skin
  • strengthen and balance the immune system
  • provide a rich supply of nutrients essential for healthy tissue healing, regeneration and repair (many of which are not found in ordinary food)

(These blends were later to become Vince the Vet Superfood supplements Digestion, Vitality, Immunity and Joints.)



Specially prepared blends of plant and mineral extracts were given to support the body's natural adaptive and recuperative powers. 

These, in effect, helped the body's healing mechanisms complete the process of self-repair they had begun, but which for various reasons had stalled at the inflammatory stage.



Yushi was in a constant state of stress.

Not the heart pounding, wide eyed, panic stricken type, but the gnawing, debilitating and equally damaging form of physiological stress which accompanies inflammation and any long term disease.

Specially formulated natural remedies were also prescribed for this, so that the body's reserves of energy could be utilised for healing rather than be consumed by the unhealthy reactions occurring throughout Yusi's body.

These remedies (for both holistic support and stress-relief) now form the foundation of Vince the Vet® Pet Remedies.


Why Has It Taken So Long To Release Pet Remedies?

The number of plant and mineral combinations that can be created, is endless. 

The only way to find out however, which are most effective for supporting health and providing stress relief, is to put them to the test. And this for us meant judging their effect in tens of thousands of pets over the last 25 years. 

By constantly refining the formulations during this time, a range of Pet Remedies was created which provide effective holistic support and stress relief to the great majority of pets who receive them. 

And so, these have been made available, so that anyone who wants take a more proactive role in the management of their dog or cat's health and wellbeing, now has access to these, invaluable, natural holistic tools.



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