Pet on Steroids?

Pet on Steroids?


Prednisolone and other steroids are commonly used to reduce itching and inflammation in the body (heat, redness, swelling and pain) associated with a variety of conditions such as skin disease, allergies, arthritis and autoimmune diseases.

These and similar drugs (including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, otherwise known as NSAID's) work by suppressing the immune system, and although this is necessary for their therapeutic effect, long term administration can:

  1. PUT A STRAIN ON THE LIVER (because it is the organ that breaks down drugs in the body and it is having to do this every day).
  2. INCREASE VULNERABILITY TO INFECTIONS AND CANCER (because the body's defence mechanisms are weakened).

For these reasons, it is important to support the liver and immune system whenever steroids and other immunosuppressive drugs (NSAID's, Apoquel and Atopica, for example) are given for any length of time as follows:



Using a clean finger, gently dab a drop on the lips and a paw 3 times daily. Also stir a few drops into your pet’s drinking water.



Give the amount suggested on the label in food daily, divided between meals.






Vitality can help pets on long term medication too, by providing a rich supply of the nutrients necessary for healthy tissue regeneration and repair.   

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