Nutrient Depleted Soil Spells Health Problems For Our Pets

Nutrient Depleted Soil Spells Health Problems For Our Pets

The foundation of a dog or cat's health lies in the quality of the food he or she eats...

And this story begins in the ground...

Severely Depleted Soil

Soil is the prime source of the minerals on which every living cell depends for its structure and function. Yet, all over the world minerals are vanishing from agricultural land at an alarming rate. In Europe alone for example, average mineral levels in soil have fallen by a staggering 72%.

And if soil is deficient in these nutrients, then so too are the crops and livestock raised upon it, which are then fed to pets.

To illustrate this, here are nutritional analysis figures (from studies began in 1927 by Dr RA McCance at King’s College, University of London and repeated at regular intervals since) summarising the reduction in mineral content of 27 vegetables and 17 fruits between 1940 and 1991:





In addition to this, between 1940 and 2002:


-70% (parmesan cheese)

-70% (parmesan cheese)


Nutrient Deficiencies Result In Ill-Health

Why does it matter that the food chain today provides a fraction of the nutrients it once did, a mere century ago?

Minerals in soil form an integral part of many of the nutrients vital for pet health.

Without a rich and readily available source of these in the diet, a wide range of dietary related health problems can occur, including:

  • lack of energy and vitality
  • chronic inflammation or allergies
  • delayed healing and recovery from injuries or infections
  • poor health

Pollution and Stress

Dogs and cats today live in an increasingly polluted and stressful world, which can harm health in a number of ways.

Constant exposure to dietary and environmental chemicals for example, can result in damage to gut flora, digestive problems, skin disorders and liver and kidney problems to name but a few.

An unsafe, stressful or unsuitable environment can lead to abnormally raised blood cortisol levels which can delay healing, and alter physiology in ways that can lead to ill-health.

To cope with these effects of modern day life, the body's natural healing mechanisms have to work harder now than ever before to maintain health. To do this effectively they need a rich and readily available supply of essential nutrients.

Given the nutrient deficient state of the food chain today, these all important nutrients must be supplied by carefully selected, concentrated whole foods.


Vitality is a unique blend of two of the world's richest and most complete whole foods - organic spirulina and organic chlorella.

Together they supply an exceptional array of biologically active, easy to digest and absorb amino acids, vitamins, minerals. trace elements and other potentially important nutrients.

Added to your pets diet each day Vitality is a simple, economical and effective way to provide many of the nutrients that can be missing from food, and to promote the very best of health.

A note on vegetables and fruits

Most vegetables and fruits today (unless they are certified as organic) provide little in the way of nourishment and are potentially harmful to health as a result of:

  • soil depletion (as illustrated above)
  • heavy chemical fertiliser use (which blocks the absorption of certain minerals from the ground)
  • contamination by toxic herbicides and pesticides (the second commonest herbicide found in UK supermarket fruit and vegetables is the weedkiller glyphosate)

Furthermore, dogs and cats as carnivores lack the ability to effectively digest these foods, which is why they go in one end, and largely pass out of the other unchanged.

Vitality on the other hand, is an exceptionally rich, organic source of essential nutrients which is readily assimilated by the body (around 95% is digested and absorbed within a few hours of eating) and as such is a much healthier and more beneficial option.

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