Next Generation Supplementation A Viable Alternative To Drugs?

Next Generation Supplementation A Viable Alternative To Drugs?


Dietary Supplements Are Not New

The practice of adding carefully selected plants and minerals to the diet to enhance health is thousands of years old. The Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic for example, which describes the use of Chinese herbal remedies, dates back to the 3rd century BC. 

Ayurveda, India’s ancient system of healing which relies on the use of herbs and other practices to maintain health, is believed to date back 5,000 years to the Vedic culture.

Similar, traditional systems of natural health can also be found in many other countries around the world. 

Modern medicine too, recognises that Nature is an extraordinarily rich source of substances that can profoundly influence health. Around 70% of all new drugs introduced into the United States in the last 25 years for example, have been derived from natural products.

Supplementation therefore, far from being new, is an important, age old pillar of health care aimed at maximising well-being.


Never More Needed

Dogs and cats today, face many unique challenges to health, one of the most important being the detrimental impact of modern day life on food and exposure to toxic chemicals.  

Intensive farming for example, has depleted arable land of many vital minerals across the globe. This in turn has led to a marked decline in the nutrient content of not only food, but of many medicinal plants too.

Environmental pollution is at an unprecedented level, with potentially harmful chemicals such as pesticide residues and petrochemicals being found virtually everywhere. Continual exposure to those present in the ground, air, food and water means that pet’s organs are working harder than ever before to eliminate toxic substances from the body, and repair any damage caused.

Consequently, the need for clinically proven natural supplements is even greater now than ever before.


Proven Health Benefits

When choosing a supplement or natural remedy, it is worth bearing the following criteria in mind if it is to be as effective as possible:

  1. Ingredients should be human food-grade and of premium quality.
  2. There should be no fillers or chemical additives of any kind.
  3. It has been specially formulated with pets in mind. 
  4. There is clinical proof of the product’s efficacy in a high proportion of pets.
  5. Visible benefits are typically apparent within a few weeks. 


Remarkable Results

‘Supplement’ literally means something added to complete or enhance something else - in this case health. And rather than being just an ‘added extra’ this is exactly what a carefully selected nutritional product can do, and often to a remarkable degree. 

Even after decades of helping many thousands of pets using a natural approach to health, we are still amazed when customers report that mobility has improved dramatically, or an anxious pet has become much calmer and more receptive to new experiences, without the use of drugs. 

And this is great news for dog owners looking for safe, natural and highly effective ways of supporting health and enhancing quality of life without the side effects of many types of medication.

It’s also heartening, that clinically proven, next generation supplementation is breathing new life into an ancient form of health care. 



With 30+ years veterinary expertise, Vince the Vet® headed by expert vet Dr Vince MacNally BVSC VetMFHom MRCVS, are the UK leaders in supplying results driven, clinically proven, uniquely formulated, natural supplements and remedies.

From stiffness to stress, from sloppy stools to sensitive skin, from fear of fireworks to flatulent bowels, visible health benefits are typically seen in a matter of weeks, which frequently defy all expectations. 

Contact us and discover how we can help you with highly effective, natural alternatives to traditional forms of pet care.

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