Natural Support For Severe Infections

Natural Support For Severe Infections


We were recently asked what supplements and / or remedies would best help a dog with a bone infection, alongside the antibiotics and painkillers prescribed.

Key here is to help the immune system to cope successfully with the microorganisms present, and to support the body's natural self repair mechanisms.

An effective way to do this, is as follows:



Give 1/2 the suggested daily dose of Immunity divided between meals.

After 7 days, if the stools remain well formed, increase to the full amount.

After another week, if the stools remain well formed, double the amount of Immunity and continue at this level for at least 3 months before returning to the normal, maintenance level going forward.



Give 2-3 drops of the Recuperation 4 times daily by gently dabbing on the outside of the lips with a clean finger. Alternatively give in a small morsel of food. A few drops can also be added to the drinking water daily.

This supports the immune system's self-repair mechanisms, and aids a rapid return to full health.



In addition to the above, when bone is damaged, the demand for the nutritional building blocks necessary for regeneration and repair is significantly increased. It is important therefore, to ensure that there is a rich supply of these in the diet - and Joints provides the nutrients the body needs for ALL joint structures, including healthy cartilage, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and synovial fluid (joint lubricating 'oil’). 

This is best given at double the usual daily amount, for as long as necessary.



Giving Immunity and Recuperation as suggested above, helps the body cope with infections anywhere else in the body (alongside appropriate veterinary treatment).

Joints can be substituted with a supplement and / or remedy which targets the organ or organs affected, for example:

Intestines - Digestion and / or Stomach and Bowel Support

Kidneys - Vitality and Kidney Support

Liver - Liver Support

Skin - Vitality and Insect Irritation

If in doubt what to choose, start with Immunity and Recuperation as suggested and drop us a line for additional advice using the contact page on this website.


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