Natural Immune System Support For Pets With Cancer

Natural Immune System Support For Pets With Cancer


Whenever cancer arises in the body, it is a reflection of a weakened immune system, which for some reason is no longer able to detect and destroy abnormal cells as they appear. 

In some cases genetic factors are responsible (many breeds for example, are at a higher risk of developing certain tumours), in others prolonged exposure to environmental and dietary chemicals may be involved. Unrelieved stress can also be a contributory factor, as can medical conditions which result in chronic inflammation in the body.

Whatever the cause however, the goal of natural treatment, is to maintain quality of life for as long as possible by:

  1. Providing MAXIMUM nutritional support to the immune system.
  2. Reducing exposure to as many chemicals as possible.

It is important to be aware, that the more aggressive or advanced a cancer is, the more intense the natural support provided needs to be, if it is to have the greatest impact on health and well-being.

Jessie's support regime outlined below, illustrates how this can be achieved in practice.


Following a medical history review and telephone consultation step by step by instructions were provided on the changes to make to Jessie's diet, and individualised remedies were provided to stimulate and support the immune system. 


Jessie was also transitioned to raw food (Chicken with Chicken Offal) enriched by the Health Promote Max supplements to provide a highly nutritious, easy to digest diet, rich in immune-supporting nutrients.

As vital as it is to provide as much support to the immune system as quickly as possible in circumstances like these, it's equally important not too overwhelm the body with too many supplements at once, or too much of them (which may cause diarrhoea and other signs). These therefore, were introduced at a pace that Jessie's body could cope with, until the desired levels were reached. 






Fruits and vegetables were excluded from the diet because although these are routinely used in many pet foods, many of these contain pesticide residues, which can adversely affect an already compromised immune system.  

Tripe was also excluded, as this is harder to digest and less nutritious than the lean meat used in our raw. This means the body has to work harder for less nutritional return when this is fed, which wastes valuable energy on digestion which is better used combating the cancer.   



Supporting pets with cancer is a dynamic process because the impact the disease has on health varies over time, depending on how it progresses. It's important therefore, that the diet and remedies used, are adapted to reflect changes in nutritional needs if and when they occur, to ensure the best possible support is maintained at all times.

Reducing exposure to potentially harmful chemicals is an integral part of helping the immune system function as best it can. More information on adopting a Chemically Clean Natural Health Care Regime can be found here.

Aiding detoxification, helps to eliminate accumulated toxins and waste products, which can adversely affect the body's natural defence mechanisms along with tissue regeneration and repair. Intestinal Cleanse and Organ Cleanse are safe, gentle, natural remedies, which can be used for this purpose. 



Screeningfor intestinal worms and lungworm every 3 months is essential, as these can cause serious disease - especially in immunocompromised pets. And this is far safer than using chemical wormers unnecessarily, as routine administration of these drug can have serious side-effects in sensitive dogs and cats.   

If you have a pet with cancer and would like our help in maintaining quality of life, please book Full Natural Veterinary Support online here, and follow the instructions provided.


Natural Support complements conventional veterinary treatment. It is always important to consult a vet to obtain an accurate diagnosis whenever any medical problem arises, so that fully informed decisions can be made with regards to the best way forward.

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