Natural Cardiac Support For Heart Murmurs

Natural Cardiac Support For Heart Murmurs


The commonest condition to affect the heart of many pets as they get older is a distortion of the valves and / or chambers, which creates turbulence in the major blood vessels in the heart.

This results in an abnormal sound called a 'murmur' which initially is only usually heard with a stethoscope, but later on - if the disease progresses - can become audible to an ear placed close to the chest.

The presence of a heart murmur usually impairs circulation of blood around the body and through major organs, including the lungs, liver, kidneys and brain. It is important therefore, if disease in these organs is not to occur because of lack of oxygen or congestion of blood, that the heart be supported as effectively as possible. This can be done as follows:


  1. First, have your vet check the heart and lungs thoroughly. Blood tests and an ultrasound examination are often needed to fully evaluate cardiac function and determine the effect the disease is having on the rest of the body. This is also important for prescribing the most suitable medication.
  2. Add Vitality to the diet. The ingredients in this supplement have been shown to protect the heart, liver kidneys against the ill-effects of poor blood flow through these organs (oxidative stress).
  3. Support cardiac function naturally by giving Heart Support 3 times daily. 
  4. Add pure, organic, cold pressed virgin coconut oil to the diet, to help maintain mental alertness & cognitive function.
  5. A sensible exercise regime helps to maintain good circulation & a healthy body. Gentle, regular activity is the key. Strenuous exercise such as prolonged running, particularly up & down slopes or stairs are best avoided.
  6. If long term medication is prescribed give Liver Support daily to help the liver cope with the drugs.
  7. It is important a highly nutritious, complete, balanced diet is fed to ensure the heart and all other parts of the body receive the nutrients necessary for optimum health. This is best achieved by means of a raw or home-cooked diet, enriched by carefully selected, natural supplements proven to help, such as Health Promote Max and Grizzly Salmon Oil ( a rich source of essential fatty acids). 

For an individually tailored diet focused on caring for the heart, see Targeted Nutritional Support.        

If breathlessness, coughing, poor exercise tolerance or other signs develop despite medication and the above measures, individualised remedies may help to improve quality of life.

To go down this route, book Full Natural Veterinary Support here.



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